Frequently Asked Quesions

Frequently asked questions about the services of the P2 Waste Management Service

BSL2 waste is collected on Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting at 7:00 AM.

Unauthorized personnel is not allowed to access the BSL2 Waste Management Facility. If you have a lot of waste pending collection in your laboratory, please contact us so that we can come and dispose of it as soon as possible.

All gel and agar waste must be disposed of in specific 30L yellow plastic containers. These can be ordered by email from the Facility. Once filled, these containers must be deposited in the BSL2 waste collection area with an identification barcode. They will also be picked up by the Waste Management Service at the time of collection.

The Waste Management Facility can also provide you with yellow 30L plastic containers for agar waste containing P1 GMOs. Once filled, the container must be closed and identified with the specific barcode label.

Agar waste containing non-GMO P1 organisms, does not need to be decontaminated. These agar plates can be disposed of in the regular laboratory waste which will be picked up by the SV School cleaning company and disposed of with other non-hazardous laboratory waste.

Liquids should be collected in 4 Liter polypropylene bottles with screw cap, suitable for 121°C. These bottles can be ordered through the Catalyse system with catalog number “code867”.

Once the bottles are filled, they must be closed, cleaned on the outside with a decontaminating agent and placed with a laboratory barcode sticker in the red BSL2 waste bins.

Solid and liquid BSL2 waste must be deposited in the red plastic boxes provided by the Service. Users can define the location of these red boxes with the employees of the Depot.

In principle, the Waste Disposal Service does not handle P1 waste. These must be brought in and transferred by the users to the chemical waste containers located in the SV 0515 and AI 0235 waste disposal facilities of the SV School. 

All information about the costs of the P2 Waste Facility services can be found on this page.

Bar-coded labels to identify P2 waste can be ordered by email, specifying the name of the unit and the type of waste.

Pre-treatment of the waste is not necessary, it is autoclaved and therefore completely decontaminated. However, if users think that it is better to neutralize the waste before disposal, products such as Gigasept or Virkon can be used. It is strictly forbidden to use Vesphene or bleach for the neutralization of BSL2 waste, as these substances produce toxic vapors when autoclaved.

Frequently asked questions about BSL2 lab coats

Users can pick up lab coats on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, directly in the Glassware Washing Facility of their building, i.e. in the rooms SV 1522 or AI 0231.

BSL2 lab coats must be packed in the BSL2 lab in yellow bags distributed by the Waste Management Facility. These bags should be closed and placed next to the BSL2 waste collection points. They will be picked up by the Facility personnel on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during BSL2 waste collection.

If a gown has been contaminated, it should be immediately packed alone in a yellow bag for the collection of BSL2 lab coats. The sealed bag can then be dropped off at the BSL2 collection point as usual.

The price of lab coat distribution and collection is included in the monthly fee. More information on billing for services can be found on this page.