Traceability and Autoclave Maintenance

Decontamination monitoring and traceability according to Federal regulations

In order to monitor the proper functioning of decontamination cycles, temperature and pressure are measured via a probe placed in the tank of each autoclave and recorded continuously during the entire cycle.

At the end of the cycle, each container or bag of waste is identified with a label including the type of waste, the date, the autoclave number and the decontamination batch or cycle number.

All decontamination parameters are inspected. If a decontamination cycle is invalidated, the waste concerned is processed a second time.

All data recorded during autoclaving cycles are available to users at any time upon request.

Control of equipment

In order to guarantee waste decontamination, equipment and autoclaves undergo regular maintenance and inspections.

Equipment maintenance:
  • No-load tests are carried out on each autoclave at the beginning of the week to ensure that the equipment is working properly;
  • Regular monitoring and maintenance are carried out on all machines by the technicians of the SV Workshop;
  • Annual qualifications of the autoclaves is carried out by a specialized external company.

All data related to devices, cycles or maintenance are available to users on request.