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SV Sustainability Office

The SV Sustainability Office, with the support of the Vice Presidency for Responsible Transformation and EPFL Sustainability , is committed to guiding the School of Life Sciences (SV) on the path to carbon neutrality. Together, we can make research and our daily activities more environmentally friendly! Learn about the history and motivations behind the school’s sustainability initiative.


Discover the story of the Sustainability Office of the School of Life Sciences!

The Green Lab Project

The School of life sciences seeks to calculate and reduce CO2 emissions from its laboratories. Check out the latest report!

Travel Less Without Loss

An initiative of the School of life sciences to reduce the CO2 footprint of business travel.

Sustainability at EPFL

Feel free to consult our page dedicated to Sustainability at EPFL

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Joan Suris
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SV 3811 (Bâtiment SV)
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