SV Sustainability

The SV Sustainability Office is responsible for the environmental sustainability of the School of Life Sciences.

Our ecosystem

SV Sustainability reports to the SV deanship and is integrated into the scientific, administrative and student community of SV. Our close collaboration with EPFL Sustainability allows us to carry out sustainability projects taking into account the specificities of our School. 

Our tools

Assessment. We measure and quantify the environmental impacts of laboratory research, primarily greenhouse gas emissions.

Awareness raising. We engage and support members of the SV community to promote more sustainable practices.

Action. We implement concrete projects to reduce the environmental footprint of research.


Collaboration. Sustainability is a team effort. To this end, we collaborate with various key players at EPFL and openly share our results with other institutions, both in Switzerland and internationally.

Impact. Turning off the lights is a start, but it is not enough. We evaluate each approach according to the resources needed and the potential results in order to focus our efforts on high-impact projects, while taking into account the needs of research and our community.

The team

Check out the sustainability projects on EPFL’s campus by visiting the website of EPFL Sustainability.

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