News and Events

Human Breast tissue

Unraveling the complexity of the human breast, Patrik Aouad @EPFL 2019

Voir Est Savoir 2020

Learn more and submit your visual

Scientific Image Exhibition and Competition to celebrate the richness of scientific imaging and the beauty of science over many scales


Weekly Life Science Seminars

Every Friday, we invite world-leading scientists to share their research insights.


Seminars and events related to bioengineering.

Cancer and development

Once a month, we invite internationally prominent cancer researchers to present their latest advances.

Infectious Diseases and Immunology

Seminars and events related to infectious diseases and immunology.


Weekly seminars with world leading neuroscientists and more.

Doctoral Thesis Defenses

Public thesis defenses of students of the four doctoral programs: EDBB, EDCB, EDMS and EDNE.