ISREC-SCCL Symposium 2023

Horizons of Cancer Biology and Precision Oncology

August 21 – 24, 2023

Swisstech Convention Center (STCC) Lausanne

Following on from the ISREC Symposia in 2011 to 2021, the next ISREC Symposium, to be held in Lausanne in August 2023, will focus on precision oncology. An exciting roster of basic and translational cancer scientists will present their latest results and implications.

The 2023 ISREC-SCCL Symposium will present an excellent opportunity to hear the latest results from and interact with exceptional cancer researchers, in the context of invited talks, short talks selected from proffered abstracts, and posters. Topics to be covered include all of the hallmarks of cancer, with a focus on tumor immunology and mechanism-guided therapies. We envision an inspirational gathering.


  • Hallmark Perspectives
  • Drivers and Brakes (Proliferative Signaling and Growth Suppressors)
  • Evading Cell Death – Apoptosis, Necroptosis, Autophagy, and Senescence
  • Hallmarks enabled by DNA Damage and Loss of Genomic Integrity
  • Angiogenesis and the Tumor Vasculature
  • Invasion and Metastasis
  • Metabolic Reprogramming
  • Hallmarks Enabled by Inflammation
  • Evading Immune Destruction
  • Therapeutic Targeting of Cancer Hallmarks

Confirmed Speakers

Keynote speaker 1 : Jennifer Wargo, MD Anderson Cancer Centre

Keynote speaker 2 : Charlie Swanton, Crick Institute, London

Nicola Aceto, ETHZ
Leila Akkari, NKI
Alberto Bardelli, Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment (IRCCS)
Michal Bassani-Sternberg, University of Lausanne
Eduard Batlle, IRB
Yvonne Chen, UCLA
Giovanni Ciriello, University of Lausanne
Mark Dawson, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Michele de Palma, EPFL-ISREC, AGORA
Karin de Visser, Netherland Cancer Institute
Sarah-Maria Fendt, VIB Center for Cancer Biology
Christian Frezza, University of Cologne, CECAD Research Center
Saar Gill, University of Pennsylvania
Camilla Jandus, University of Geneva
Johanna Joyce, University of Lausanne
Wouter Karthaus, EPFL, School of Life Sciences
Nuria Lopez-Bigas, IRB
Illaria Malanchi, Francis Crick Institute
Maria Rescigno, Humanitas University
Antoni Ribas, UCLA
Agnel Sfeir, MSKCC
Maria Soengas, CNIO
Sebastian Waszak, University of Oslo

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 ISREC-SCCL Symposium will take place as a totally live, traditional scientific conference.

Conference Registration is now open.

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The Organizing Committee

Giovanni Ciriello, Michele De Palma, Joerg Huelsken, Elisa Oricchio, Johanna Joyce, Tatiana Petrova, Freddy Radtke