The Swiss Cancer Center Leman

EPFL, and in particular its cancer and bioengineering institutes, are centrally involved in building a new integrated, regional cancer center that aims to bring together all relevant expertise in Western Switzerland, spanning basic and translational cancer and immunology research to bio-engineering and immune-engineering to clinical research and development of improved therapies for cancer patients.

The multi–institutional Swiss Cancer Center Leman (SCCL) leverages complementary expertise from multiple partner institutions, including, EPFL, the University Hospital & Medical Center (CHUV) of the University of Lausanne (UNIL), the Ludwig Cancer Research Institute, the University Hospital & Medical Center (HUG) of the University of Geneva (UNIGE), and the ISREC Foundation. The SCCL has numerous sites of relevant activity in Lausanne and Geneva.

A major agenda is to foster formative interactions, collaborations, and progress across the multiple sites. The AGORA translational cancer research building, housing faculty from all of these institutions, aims to illustrate the potential of interdisciplinary trans-institutional initiatives within the SCCL

Reflecting its multi-institutional foundation, the SCCL is co-directed by Professors