EICSE – EPFL Initiative for Cancer Science and Engineering

The mission of the EICSE is to integrate the talent and diverse expertise of researchers from multiple EPFL schools to pioneer frontiers of trans-disciplinary cancer research. The strategic goal is to advance both knowledge of disease mechanisms and the engineering of therapeutic and diagnostic agents and tools based on new conceptual insights and opportunities. This EPFL-wide Center will seek to inspire an interactive and collaborative community of scientists and engineers broadly focused on cancer, a leading cause of death and morbidity worldwide.

EICSE activities currently include retreats for brainstorming amongst faculty and for introducing the research programs impinging on cancer, with the goal of catalyzing interdisciplinary collaborations. In the future, seed grants are envisaged to stimulate collaborative bridging projects involving research groups with complementary expertise and capabilities with promise for transformative innovation.

Go to the site and see how your lab can participate to create a powerful interdisciplinary tool – do not hesitate to contact Lisa Smith ([email protected]) for how to add your lab’s details.