The EPFL School of Life Sciences offers students a multi-disciplinary education studying engineering, basic and computer sciences jointly with biology.
PhD L. Hermans and Prof. Ramdya | © EPFL Alain Herzog

We propose a Bachelor and Master program in Life Sciences Engineering, as well as four Doctoral programs in biotechnology and bioengineering, computational and quantitative biology, molecular life sciences and neurosciences. Our professors have diverse backgrounds – biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science, psychology and medicine – and bring together their specific perspective to tackle fundamental questions in biological sciences and solve biomedical problems to increase human knowledge and address key societal issues.

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Prospective Students

Get detailed information about our Bachelor, Master and PhD programs, the admission criteria and process and learn about campus life and available exchange programs.

Organization and Teaching commission

Find out about the academic life on campus, the Teaching commission, the student representatives, the assistant positions and who to contact in the SV Section.

Summer Research Program

The Summer Research Program offers talented Bachelor and Master students worldwide a unique research experience in the laboratories of the EPFL School of Life Sciences combining biology with engineering and computer sciences.


iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) is a synthetic biology competition. Every year 12 EPFL students take the challenge to combine biological, silicon and material compontents to solve problems in areas like diagnostics, energy, environment, nutrition and therapeutics.

Bachelor and Master Students

In case you do not find the information on the website, post your question on the Life Science Engineering programme here.

Discover the newly online list of Master projects currently available in the School of Life Sciences!



Inaugural Lectures - Tanja Käser - Amir Zamir

Inaugural Lectures – Prof. Maria Brbic and Prof. Thomas Bourgeat


With: Prof. Maria Brbic, Prof. Thomas Bourgeat
Place and room: SG 1138
Category: Inaugural lectures – Honorary Lecture

Inaugural Lecture: Nako Nakatsuka – Chemical Nanotechnologies for Human Health


With:  Nako Nakatsuka
Place and room: BM 5202
Category: Inaugural lectures – Honorary Lecture

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