C4L Team

At the core of C4L is a dynamic team of experts who are dedicated to nurturing innovation. Prof. Bart Deplancke, a distinguished figure in both academia and entrepreneurship, provides visionary leadership as vice-Dean of Innovation to the program. Under his guidance, C4L benefits from his extensive experience in both the academic and business worlds. Dr. Gautam Maitra, the program’s director, brings over 30 years of industry expertise, ensuring that the projects supported by C4L have a strong foundation in practical applications. Dr. MER Florence Pojer, as the educational officer, plays a pivotal role in building connections with students and laboratory spin-offs, ensuring that the educational component of C4L remains robust and impactful. Dr. Fiorella Ghisays acts as a key link between VPI and SV, enhancing coordination efforts between the program and the university’s innovation infrastructure, while Joanna Rusnok, the diligent administrative assistant, ensures the smooth operation of day-to-day activities.

Associate Dean for Innovation

Education Officer

Business Developer

Admin Assistant