Pasteur Symposium

Join us for a joint scientific symposium of EPFL and Institut Pasteur—a one-day exploration of cutting-edge research and innovation at the forefront of biomedical science.

We bring together leading minds from the two institutions across the fields of AI, structural biology, drug discovery, cancer research, vaccines and immunology, and material sciences, all with a shared mission: advancing our understanding, strategies and approaches towards new therapeutics and vaccines.

📅   November 13, 2023

🕘   9:00 – 17:30

📍   EPFL SV 1717 – retransmission to Institut Pasteur (room tbc)

Speakers EPFL
Speakers Institut Pasteur


  • Christophe Mertens, EPFL – Droplet microfluidics in personalized cancer therapy and antibody discovery
  • James Di Santo, Institut Pasteur – Innate lymphoid cell therapies and CVI presentation
  • Wouter Karthaus, EPFL – Targeting lineage plasticity in prostate cancer using next generation organoid modeling
  • Maartje Bastings, EPFL – Engineering super-selective functional materials: a balancing act of rigidity and geometry at the nanoscale
  • Olivier Sperandio, Institut Pasteur – Data-driven and artificial intelligence approaches to the design of therapeutic compounds against macromolecular interaction
  • Philippe Schwaller, EPFL – Learning the Language of Chemistry
  • Pablo Guardado-Calvo, Institut Pasteur – Structural biology approaches to design immunogens and improve therapeutic antibodies
  • Nico Thomä, EPFL – Haven’t got a glue: how small molecules rewire protein-protein interactions
  • Andrea Ablasser, EPFL – Innate immune sensing of DNA
  • Chetan Chitnis, Institut Pasteur – Developing a vaccine for Plasmodium vivax malaria – the value of a challenge model
  • Aleksandar Antanasievic, EPFL – Antibody responses visualized by cryoEM – Applications to vaccine and toxin research
  • Paola Arimondo, Institut Pasteur – Allying Chemistry and Biology to tackle the Epigenetics of Infection
  • Asier Saez-Cirion, Institut Pasteur – T cell metabolism in HIV control
  • Francesco Stellacci, EPFL – Virucidal Broadspectrum Antivirals
  • Laurence Mulard, Institut Pasteur – A journey to a first-in-human synthetic glycan-based vaccine
  • Christian Heinis, EPFL – Development of cyclic peptide-based ligands to intracellular protein targets
  • Bruno Correia, EPFL – Computational design of protein structure and function using deep learning
Organizers and Contact

Hosts: Andy Oates (EPFL) and Stewart Cole (Institut Pasteur)

Academic committee:  Matteo Dal Peraro (EPFL), Michael Nilges  (Institut Pasteur)

Please contact [email protected] for all inquiries.