Programmable Biomaterials Laboratory

The Programmable Biomaterials Laboratory (PBL) is part of the Institute of Materials (IMX) and the interfaculty bioengineering institute (IBI) at EPFL. We are experts in DNA-nanotechnology, supramolecular polymer self-assembly and cellular particle uptake and stability. We explore how precise spatial organization of molecules can control multivalent binding behavior between soft-matter and cells.  Research in our lab aims to develop nanomaterials that show unique and programmable inter- and intramolecular binding affinity profiles. Through the addition of DNA, the ultimate programmable biopolymer, our hybrid building blocks allow for precise design of their geometry and stability. We heavily rely on quantification of binding kinetics and the fundamental theories of physical polymer behavior to relate the impact of molecular control on the nanoscale to functional macroscopic performance.

More info on https://bastingslab.com