School Council


SV School Council Members 2022-2024

Congratulations to the following persons on their election or re-election to the SV School Council:

Student Body Members (one year term – 2022 to 2023)
Jennifer Ayer
Nhat Dao
Nicolas Filimonov

Scientific Staff Members
Rita Sarkis
Christian Iseli
1 additional member to be nominated by ACIDE

Teaching Staff  Members
Viesturs Simanis
2 additional members to be nominated by APEL

Administrative and Technical Staff Members
3 members to be nominated by APC

Welcome to the members who are joining us. Thanks for your commitment to SV!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Sophie Betka, Cédric Deluz, Mingchi Hou, Christina Mattsson, Elisa Oricchio, Alexandre Persat, Margot Romelli, Sandra Simeoni and Martyna Stachaczyk for your valuable collaboration and commitment to the SV School Council over the past years. Your presence and involvement have been greatly appreciated!