Plast It Back

Recycling laboratory plastics

A pilot project that brings together students from various EPFL schools with the intention to raise awareness of the problem of plastic waste in SV laboratories. Come to visit the exhibition “Plast It Back” taking place in the SV hall from September 21 to October 17, 2021. You will see a proof of concept of the four step-transformation process of disposable plastics from SV labs into reusable objects.

The project has two goals:

  • Establish a sustainable logistic chain by creating a network of partners as well as assessing the environmental impact with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
  • Raise awareness within EPFL’s community on single-use plastics and their recycling process

The Plast It Back project, in close collaboration with SV Sustainability, was founded in the context of the class of Humanities and Social Sciences at EPFL. Our team is composed of 10 highly motivated and curious EPFL students from various backgrounds:

  • Precious Plastic Léman: They manufacture sustainable everyday objects from plastic waste found in the Leman Lake.
  • PlastOk: Plastic recycling workshop inspired by “Precious Plastic” in Geneva.
  • Zero Emission Group: An EPFL student-led initiative, aimed at finding solutions against climate change.
  • Blaser Design Bern: Handicraft company producing design pieces made from swiss natural products.
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Please contact us for any question or ideas at [email protected]