Research Core Facilities

The mission of our Research Core Facilities is to provide access to state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to enable scientists to tackle questions emerging at the interface between engineering and biology. The Research Core Facilities are operated by highly trained and experienced staff dedicated to assist researchers in planning and executing their projects and, through provided training, to disseminate accumulated expertise. Finally, the Research Core Facilities strive to continuously establish new techniques and methods to match future needs and demands of our scientific community with ever-evolving technological developments.

, Roman Chrast, coordinator of Research Core Facilities

Bertarelli Foundation Gene Therapy

Service specialized in virus production and consultancy.

Dendrite240eg2 - © EPFL | BioEM

Bio Electron Microscopy

Using electron microscopes to explore the biological world.

BioImaging and Optics

Offers competence and state of the art equipment in microscopy and image analysis.

BioInformatics Competence Center


The Bioinformatics Competence Center (BIƆC) has the expertise to offer customized tools, data analysis and processing for domains such as: genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics, cytometry, proteomics, web visualization and image analysis.

Biomolecular Screening Facility | © EPFL

Biomolecular Screening

Provides assay development, screening infrastructure, chemical collections and know-how for the identification of bioactive hits and leads.

Phenogenomics Center | © EPFL

Center of PhenoGenomics

Contributes to the research through tailored services in animal experimentation and ensures the welfare of laboratory animals in compliance with laws and ethics.

Flow Cytometry Core Facility | © EPFL

Flow Cytometry

Provides state-of-the-art instrumentation, technical expertise and advice, training, and cell sorting service.

Gene Expression Core Facility | © EPFL

Gene Expression

Provides a diverse set of tools for the functional and quantitative analysis of genomes and transcriptomes, down to single-cell resolution.

Histology Core Facility | © EPFL


Provides competence, equipment and specialists for a large panel of histological preparations.

Proteomics Core Facility |© EPFL


Provides identification and quantitative analysis of proteins and lipids through advanced mass spectrometry methodologies.

Protein Production and Structure

Provides expertise and instrumentation in protein sciences and integrative structural biology: protein production, purification, biophysical techniques, NMR, X-Ray crystallography and single particle EM.