The SV-IT infrastructure team is here to help you with servers hosting and administration, data storage (see below), networks, computing and IT infrastructure purchase questions.

    You can contact us :

    Official Data Storage Services available at EPFL

    Please find below all the official data storage services available at EPFL. You can check the link of each services to get more details and contact the SV-IT. Please note that using official storage services provides all those benefits :

    • Maintenance, repairs and the technological upgrading of the equipment by the IT services
    • Data stored in a safe place and accessible at all times and anywhere via VPN
    • High system reliability offering high data accessibility
    • Integrated security in the EPFL network; you simply log in with your usual user account
    • No management or maintenance by the end-user
    • Increased protection against data deterioration and corruption
    • Replication, Backups, Snapshots (when available) managed by IT services

    Collaborative File Storage

    *Data stored in EPFL storage services can be shared through a custom SFTP services managed by SV-IT.

    Please contact SV-IT for any request about those storages

    Personal File Storage

    Those services are automatically available as soon as your are an EPFL member

    S3 Storage

    File Sharing

    • SFTP : Data stored in EPFL storage services can be shared through a custom SFTP services managed by SV-IT
    • Switch Drive, the dropbox equivalent solution : link to description
    • Switch File Sender to send large files : link to description
    • Google Drive (not recommended) : link to description 
      We highly recommend to not use Google Drive as a file storage but only as file sharing solution for not legally protected files.
      Please pay attention that you should not store legally protected documents on the CLOUD, which would subject to incurring penalties. Additionally and to your judgement, we suggest that you apply the precautionary principle and extend these principles to any administrative document. The same goes for your research projects which are legally protected.
      Also, this service is currently free  and quota is unlimited and we have no guarantee that this will not change. It may be difficult in the future to migrate large volumes in case of quota and prices changes.

    Custom file storage

    The IT storage space needs of SV laboratories are steadily increasing. To store the fruits of their labor, some of you have opted for a low-cost solution such as a local NAS or an external hard drive.

    Unfortunately, these options do not offer the reliability and security required to ensure the durability of the data. In addition, there is a lack of regular backups, which in some cases can lead to the total loss of data when this type of media fails. Also it’s highly time consuming and inefficient to multiply the storage infrastructures.

    For these reasons, the SV-IT cannot manage this type of local solution, nor be held responsible for data loss on this type of media.

    For some specific projects, on-demand storage solutions are too expensive and provide a level of quality and security that is not necessary, in these cases we can advise you on the acquisition and implementation of other solutions that would better meet your needs.