The Life Sciences Engineering Master curriculum may be complemented with a Minor offered at EPFL.
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Students may validate a Specialization or a Minor, but not both. Specializations or Minors will be listed in the diploma supplement. Validation of a Minor is optional and requires at least 30 ECTS from the corresponding minor study plan.

From the list of Minors offered, we recommend the following as being particularly relevant:

The Disciplinary Minor in SV is only available to students of other disciplines. For other Disciplinary Minors, please check the EPFL Minors and Specializations page.

Life Sciences Engineering

8 ECTS from group 1 (core courses)

22 ECTS from group 2 (options)

Students may take one 8-credit lab immersion within group 2 optional courses.

Coursebook including course descriptions for the Master

EPFL study plan and regulations (scroll to SV)


For additional information, please contact Barbara Grisoni.