Our Mission

We aim to foster a new generation of life scientists with strong expertise in quantitative and analytical biology. Our primary mission is to offer a multi-disciplinary training to our students, providing them with the opportunity to study biology jointly with engineering, basic and computer sciences. We offer the following studies:

Our professors have diverse backgrounds – biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science, psychology and medicine. They bring together their specific perspective and their passion to tackle fundamental questions in biological sciences and solve biomedical problems to increase the understanding of the living world and address key societal issues.

Our more than 50 research laboratories are grouped into four institutes, with strong inter-institute connections providing an interdisciplinary environment stimulating innovative research:

In addition to the main Lausanne campus, the research groups of the School are present on the Campus Biotech in Geneva, the Agora translational Cancer Center Lausanne and the Campus Valais in Sion.