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You like maths, physics, engineering, and informatics and you see yourself as an engineer first and a biologist second? Check out our challenging and dual curriculums.
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The Faculty of Life Sciences offers Bachelor and Master programs, as well as training programs for apprentices, courses for external auditors, and Continuing Education programs

You like life sciences and have an engineering temperament?

From 20 to 22 November 2019, the EPFL and its teaching section (Bachelor – Master) of Life Sciences Engineering, attached to the School of Life Sciences, open their doors during the Information days. Laboratory visits are organized for students in their last two years of gymnasium (high school) or professional schools, upon registration only. Registrations will open at the beginning of September 2019.

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Bachelor in Life Science Engineering (including testimonials and career prospects)

Master in Life Sciences Engineering

***This Master program newly offered in 2018-19 results from the fusion of the two previous Master programs in Bioengineering and Life Sciences and Technology. All courses remain available, although engineering core courses have been reinforced.***

By merging the two programs, we can now provide our students with free access to the full set of courses that were previously split between the two Master programs.

Target student profile

The Master program in Life Sciences Engineering requires a solid background in mathematics, physics, signal processing, electronics and electrical systems, computer sciences and strong quantitative and analytical skills.

Master in Life Science Engineering (including testimonials and career prospects)

Admission requirements to EPFL whether as a Bachelor, Master, a CMS student or as an external auditor.

Exchange incoming students
Exchange incoming students at EPFL for one or two semesters to attend courses
Exchange incoming students at EPFL for a project or an internship

Continuous education
EPFL with UNIL offer many courses for continuous education.

EPFL trains apprentices, both in the fields of excellence of the scientific professions of the laboratory, and in technical professions which also concern Biology-related fields.