About Us

We foster education, research and innovation at the interface of engineering and biology to advance the understanding of the living world and solve biomedical problems.
School of Life Sciences Students in front of the School's Building | © EPFL B.Liardon

Our Mission

We are passionate to educate, advance research and innovate.

Our Leadership

We count on the commitment and expertise of our leadership team.

School Council

Where the right of participation is expressed.

Sustainability Initiative

Travel Less Without Loss aims to significantly reduce travelling.

Students Associations

Logo from the Association des Etudiants en Sciences de la Vie | © EPFL


An association to represent and assist all EPFL students in life sciences.

Logo from the Life Sciences PhD Students Association | © EPFL


An association to represent, integrate and promote PhD students.

Logo from the School of Life Sciences Post-Doc Association | © EPFL

SV Postdoc

A gateway for prospective Postdoc candidates and a platform for current postdocs.