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Inflammatory mitochondrial nucleic acids as drivers of pathophysiology

C. G. Peace; A. Hooftman; D. G. Ryan 

Clinical And Translational Medicine. 2023-09-01. Vol. 13, num. 9, p. e1403. DOI : 10.1002/ctm2.1403.

Amidation of glutamate residues in mycobacterial peptidoglycan is essential for cell wall cross-linking

M. T. Shaku; K. L. Ocius; A. J. Apostolos; M. M. Pires; M. S. Vannieuwenhze et al. 

Frontiers In Cellular And Infection Microbiology. 2023-08-24. Vol. 13, p. 1205829. DOI : 10.3389/fcimb.2023.1205829.

Africa-specific human genetic variation near CHD1L associates with HIV-1 load

P. J. J. McLaren; I. Porreca; G. Iaconis; H. P. Mok; S. Mukhopadhyay et al. 

Nature. 2023-08-02. DOI : 10.1038/s41586-023-06370-4.

cGAS-STING drives ageing-related inflammation and neurodegeneration

M. F. Gulen; N. Samson; A. Keller; M. Schwabenland; C. Liu et al. 

Nature. 2023-08-02. DOI : 10.1038/s41586-023-06373-1.

Variation in African genomes linked to control of HIV

P. J. McLaren; J. Fellay 

Nature. 2023-08-02. DOI : 10.1038/d41586-023-02277-2.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa type IV pili actively induce mucus contraction to form biofilms in tissue-engineered human airways

T. Rossy; T. Distler; L. Meirelles; J. Pezoldt; J. Kim et al. 

Plos Biology. 2023-08-01. Vol. 21, num. 8, p. e3002209. DOI : 10.1371/journal.pbio.3002209.

Protein target highlights in CASP15: Analysis of models by structure providers

L. T. Alexander; J. Durairaj; A. Kryshtafovych; L. A. Abriata; Y. Bayo et al. 

Proteins-Structure Function And Bioinformatics. 2023-07-26. DOI : 10.1002/prot.26545.

A metagenome-wide association study of HIV disease progression in HIV controllers

L. M. Real; M. E. Saez; A. Corma-Gomez; A. Gonzalez-Perez; C. Thorball et al. 

Iscience. 2023-07-21. Vol. 26, num. 7, p. 107214. DOI : 10.1016/j.isci.2023.107214.

Ecology-relevant bacteria drive the evolution of host antimicrobial peptides in Drosophila

M. A. Hanson; L. Grollmus; B. Lemaitre 

Science. 2023-07-21. Vol. 381, num. 6655, p. eadg5725. DOI : 10.1126/science.adg5725.

Prevalence of CFTR variants in primary immunodeficiency patients with bronchiectasis is an important modifying cofactor

D. Lawless; H. L. Allen; J. E. D. Thaventhiran; S. Goddard; O. S. Burren et al. 

Journal Of Allergy And Clinical Immunology. 2023-07-01. Vol. 152, num. 1, p. 257-265. DOI : 10.1016/j.jaci.2023.01.035.

Hits and Misses: Digital Contact Tracing in a Pandemic

M. Garry; R. Zajac; L. Hope; M. Salathe; L. Levine et al. 

Perspectives On Psychological Science. 2023-06-30. DOI : 10.1177/17456916231179365.

Autoantibodies neutralizing type I IFNs underlie West Nile virus encephalitis in & SIM;40% of patients

A. Gervais; F. Rovida; M. A. Avanzini; S. Croce; A. Marchal et al. 

Journal Of Experimental Medicine. 2023-06-22. Vol. 220, num. 9, p. e20230661. DOI : 10.1084/jem.20230661.

Fluid flow structures gut microbiota biofilm communities by distributing public goods

J. P. H. Wong; M. F-Stettler; S. C. Zeeman; T. J. Battin; A. Persat et al. 

Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America. 2023-06-20. Vol. 120, num. 25, p. e2217577120. DOI : 10.1073/pnas.2217577120.

ER-to-lysosome-associated degradation in a nutshell: mammalian, yeast, and plant ER-phagy as induced by misfolded proteins

M. Rudinskiy; M. Molinari 

Febs Letters. 2023-06-10. DOI : 10.1002/1873-3468.14674.

Biofilm formation on human immune cells is a multicellular predation strategy of Vibrio cholerae

L. Vidakovic; S. Mikhaleva; H. Jeckel; V. Nisnevich; K. Strenger et al. 

Cell. 2023-06-08. Vol. 186, num. 12, p. 2690-+. DOI : 10.1016/j.cell.2023.05.008.

Multiancestry sex-stratified genomic associations with HIV viral load and controller status from the ICGH

C. Vergara; J. F. Tuff; J. Int Collaboration Genomics HIV ICGH; J. Fellay; P. Duggal et al. 

Jci Insight. 2023-06-08. Vol. 8, num. 11, p. 170068. DOI : 10.1172/jci.insight.170068.

Poloxamers Have Vaccine-Adjuvant Properties by Increasing Dissemination of Particulate Antigen at Distant Lymph Nodes

M. Lamrayah; C. Phelip; R. Rovera; C. Coiffier; N. Lazhar et al. 

Molecules. 2023-06-01. Vol. 28, num. 12, p. 4778. DOI : 10.3390/molecules28124778.

Association of a Polygenic Risk Score With Osteoporosis in People Living With HIV: The Swiss HIV Cohort Study

J. M. Schwenke; C. W. Thorball; I. C. Schoepf; L. Ryom; B. Hasse et al. 

Journal Of Infectious Diseases. 2023-05-24. DOI : 10.1093/infdis/jiad179.

Secondary structure of the human mitochondrial genome affects formation of deletions

V. Shamanskiy; A. A. Mikhailova; E. O. Tretiakov; K. Ushakova; A. G. Mikhailova et al. 

Bmc Biology. 2023-05-08. Vol. 21, num. 1, p. 103. DOI : 10.1186/s12915-023-01606-1.

Epigenetic ageing accelerates before antiretroviral therapy and decelerates after viral suppression in people with HIV in Switzerland: a longitudinal study over 17 years

I. C. Schoepf; A. Esteban-Cantos; C. W. Thorball; B. Rodes; P. Reiss et al. 

Lancet Healthy Longevity. 2023-05-01. Vol. 4, num. 5, p. E211-E218. DOI : 10.1016/S2666-7568(23)00037-5.

Rare predicted loss-of-function variants of type I IFN immunity genes are associated with life-threatening COVID-19

D. Matuozzo; E. Talouarn; A. Marchal; P. Zhang; J. Manry et al. 

Genome Medicine. 2023-04-05. Vol. 15, num. 1, p. 22. DOI : 10.1186/s13073-023-01173-8.

Cryo-EM structures and binding of mouse and human ACE2 to SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern indicate that mutations enabling immune escape could expand host range

D. Ni; P. Turelli; B. Beckert; S. Nazarov; E. Uchikawa et al. 

PLOS Pathogens. 2023-04-05. Vol. 19, num. 4, p. e1011206. DOI : 10.1371/journal.ppat.1011206.

Antimicrobial peptides do not directly contribute to aging in Drosophila, but improve lifespan by preventing dysbiosis

M. A. Hanson; B. Lemaitre 

Disease Models & Mechanisms. 2023-04-01. Vol. 16, num. 4, p. dmm049965. DOI : 10.1242/dmm.049965.

Back-to-Africa introductions of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as the main cause of tuberculosis in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

M. Zwyer; L. Rutaihwa; E. Windels; J. Hella; F. Menardo et al. 

Plos Pathogens. 2023-04-01. Vol. 19, num. 4, p. e1010893. DOI : 10.1371/journal.ppat.1010893.

Uptake-independent killing of macrophages by extracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis aggregates

C. Toniolo; N. Dhar; J. D. McKinney 

Embo Journal. 2023-03-15. DOI : 10.15252/embj.2023113490.

COVID-Twitter-BERT: A natural language processing model to analyse COVID-19 content on Twitter

M. Muller; M. Salathe; P. E. Kummervold 

Frontiers In Artificial Intelligence. 2023-03-14. Vol. 6, p. 1023281. DOI : 10.3389/frai.2023.1023281.

Live Birth of a Healthy Child in a Couple with Identical mtDNA Carrying a Pathogenic c.471_477delTTTAAAAinsG Variant in the MOCS2 Gene

M. Tofilo; N. Voronova; L. Nigmatullina; E. Kuznetsova; V. Timonina et al. 

Genes. 2023-03-01. Vol. 14, num. 3, p. 720. DOI : 10.3390/genes14030720.

An Advanced Alkaline Al-Air Fuel Cell Using L-Ascorbic Acid Interface Layer upon Al Anode via Gradient Anti-corrosion

M. Wei; K. Wang; Y. Zuo; H. Wang; P. Zhang et al. 

Acs Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 2023-02-22. DOI : 10.1021/acssuschemeng.3c00214.

Two antagonistic response regulators control Pseudomonas aeruginosa polarization during mechanotaxis

M. J. Kuhn; H. Macmillan; L. Tala; Y. Inclan; R. Patino et al. 

Embo Journal. 2023-02-16. DOI : 10.15252/embj.2022112165.

Material Substrate Physical Properties Control Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Architecture

A. Cont; J. Vermeil; A. Persat 

Mbio. 2023-02-14. DOI : 10.1128/mbio.03518-22.

Associations of genetic and infectious risk factors with coronary heart disease

F. Hodel; Z. M. Xu; C. W. Thorball; R. de la Harpe; P. Letang-Mathieu et al. 

Elife. 2023-02-14. Vol. 12, p. e79742. DOI : 10.7554/eLife.79742.

Species-specific regulation of XIST by the JPX/FTX orthologs

O. Rosspopoff; E. Cazottes; C. Huret; A. Loda; A. J. Collier et al. 

Nucleic Acids Research. 2023-02-02. DOI : 10.1093/nar/gkad029.

Leukocyte Count and Coronary Artery Disease Events in People With Human Immunodeficiency Virus: A Longitudinal Study

E. F. Avery; J. N. Kleynhans; B. Ledergerber; I. C. Schoepf; C. W. Thorball et al. 

Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2023-01-23. DOI : 10.1093/cid/ciad033.

Combining European and US risk prediction models with polygenic risk scores to refine cardiovascular prevention: the CoLaus|PsyCoLaus Study

R. de La Harpe; C. W. Thorball; C. Redin; S. Fournier; O. Mueller et al. 

European Journal Of Preventive Cardiology. 2023-01-18. DOI : 10.1093/eurjpc/zwad012.

Dynamics of CLIMP-63 S-acylation control ER morphology

P. A. Sandoz; R. A. Denhardt-Eriksson; L. Abrami; L. A. Abriata; G. Spreemann et al. 

Nature Communications. 2023-01-17. Vol. 14, num. 1. DOI : 10.1038/s41467-023-35921-6.

Take a walk on the KRAB side

O. Rosspopoff; D. Trono 

Trends in Genetics. 2023. DOI : 10.1016/j.tig.2023.08.003.

Genetic features and genomic targets of human KRAB-zinc finger proteins

J. de Tribolet-Hardy; C. W. Thorball; R. Forey; E. Planet; J. Duc et al. 

Genome Research. 2023. DOI : 10.1101/gr.277722.123.

Host-Pathogen Interactions Through the Genomic Lens

Z. M. Xu / J. Fellay (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2023. 

KRAB zinc finger proteins link heterochromatin maintenance to replicative stress and inflammation in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

F. A. Brandão Sanches Vong Martins / D. Trono; P. Turelli (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2023. 

Efficient and sensitive profiling of RNA–protein interactions using TLC-CLIP

C. Ernst; J. Duc; D. Trono 

Nucleic Acids Research. 2023. DOI : 10.1093/nar/gkad466.

DNA modifications impact natural transformation of Acinetobacter baumannii

N. Vesel; C. Iseli; N. Guex; A. Lemopoulos; M. Blokesch 

Nucleic Acids Research. 2023. Vol. gkad377. DOI : 10.1093/nar/gkad377.

Sporadic type VI secretion in seventh pandemic Vibrio cholerae

A. Proutière; N. C. Drebes Dorr; L. Bader; S. Stutzmann; L. C. Metzger et al. 

Microbiology. 2023. Vol. 169, num. 5. DOI : 10.1099/mic.0.001329.

The immunopeptidome landscape associated with T cell infiltration, inflammation and immune editing in lung cancer

A. I. Kraemer; C. Chong; F. Huber; H. Pak; B. J. Stevenson et al. 

Nature Cancer. 2023. DOI : 10.1038/s43018-023-00548-5.

Bacterial colonization in realistic environments: how mechanics impact biofilm formation in the wild and during infection

T. Rossy / A. L. A. Persat (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2023. 

Machine Learning in Protein Science De Novo Design of Site-Specific Protein Binders Using Surface Fingerprints

A. Van Hall-Beauvais; P. Gainza; S. Wehrle; A. Scheck; A. Marchand et al. 

2023-01-01. 36th Annual Symposium of the Protein-Society, San Francisco, CA, Jul 07-10, 2022.

Biofilm morphogenesis on soft hydrogels

A. Cont / A. L. A. Persat (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2023. 

Tracking spatiotemporal localisation and interactions of the innate immune sensor STING

S. M. E. Rivara / A. Ablasser (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2023. 

Recombinant bacteria resistant to horizontal gene transfer and phage infection

M. Blokesch; M. J. Jaskolska; D. W. Adams 



Induction of a strong and long-lasting neutralizing immune response by dPreS1-TLR2 agonist nanovaccine against hepatitis B virus

M. Lamrayah; F. Charriaud; M. Desmares; C. Coiffier; S. Megy et al. 

Antiviral Research. 2023-01-01. Vol. 209, p. 105483. DOI : 10.1016/j.antiviral.2022.105483.


Visual masking deficits in schizophrenia: a view into the genetics of the disease through an endophenotype

A. Shaqiri; F. Hodel; J. R. da Cruz; M. Roinishvili; E. Chkonia et al. 

Translational Psychiatry. 2022-12-31. Vol. 12, num. 1, p. 1-10, 529. DOI : 10.1038/s41398-022-02275-4.

Selective involvement of UGGT variant: UGGT2 in protecting mouse embryonic fibroblasts from saturated lipid-induced ER stress

H-H. Hung; Y. Nagatsuka; T. Solda; V. K. Kodali; K. Iwabuchi et al. 

Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America. 2022-12-20. Vol. 119, num. 51, p. e2214957119. DOI : 10.1073/pnas.2214957119.

Microbiome-mediated fructose depletion restricts murine gut colonization by vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus

S. Isaac; A. Flor-Duro; G. Carruana; L. Puchades-Carrasco; A. Quirant et al. 

Nature Communications. 2022-12-13. Vol. 13, num. 1, p. 7718. DOI : 10.1038/s41467-022-35380-5.

The cGAS-STING pathway and cancer

N. Samson; A. Ablasser 

Nature Cancer. 2022-12-12. Vol. 3, p. 1452–1463. DOI : 10.1038/s43018-022-00468-w.

Seroprevalence of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and cross-variant neutralization capacity after the Omicron BA.2 wave in Geneva, Switzerland: a population-based study

M-E. Zaballa; J. Perez-Saez; C. de Mestral; N. Pullen; J. Lamour et al. 

The Lancet Regional Health – Europe. 2022-12-01. Vol. 24, p. 100547. DOI : 10.1016/j.lanepe.2022.100547.

In vitro synergistic action of TAT-RasGAP 317-326 peptide with antibiotics against Gram-negative pathogens

G. Vizzarro; N. Jacquier 

Journal Of Global Antimicrobial Resistance. 2022-12-01. Vol. 31, p. 295-303. DOI : 10.1016/j.jgar.2022.10.003.

Colon tumour cell death causes mTOR dependence by paracrine P2X4 stimulation

M. Schmitt; F. Ceteci; J. Gupta; M. Pesic; T. W. Bottger et al. 

Nature. 2022-11-16. DOI : 10.1038/s41586-022-05426-1.

Phase separation in viral infections

H. Li; C. Ernst; M. Kolonko-Adamska; B. Greb-Markiewicz; J. Man et al. 

Trends In Microbiology. 2022-11-14. Vol. 30, num. 12, p. 1217-1231. DOI : 10.1016/j.tim.2022.06.005.

Variability of Primary Sjogren’s Syndrome Is Driven by Interferon alpha and Interferon alpha Blood Levels Are Associated With the Class II HLA-DQ Locus

D. Trutschel; P. Bost; X. Mariette; V. Bondet; A. Llibre et al. 

Arthritis & Rheumatology. 2022-11-02. DOI : 10.1002/art.42265.

How to: Diagnose inborn errors of intrinsic and innate immunity to viral, bacterial, mycobacterial, and fungal infections

F. Conti; M. Moratti; M. Giannella; S. Ferrari; A. Borghesi 

Clinical Microbiology And Infection. 2022-11-01. Vol. 28, num. 11, p. 1441-1448. DOI : 10.1016/j.cmi.2022.07.021.

The combined impact of persistent infections and human genetic variation on C-reactive protein levels

F. Hodel; O. Naret; C. Bonnet; N. Brenner; N. Bender et al. 

Bmc Medicine. 2022-11-01. Vol. 20, num. 1, p. 416. DOI : 10.1186/s12916-022-02607-7.

A satellite DNA array barcodes chromosome 7 and regulates totipotency via ZFP819

L. P. Fernandes; R. Enriquez-Gasca; P. A. Gould; J. H. Holt; L. Conde et al. 

Science Advances. 2022-10-28. Vol. 8, num. 43. DOI : 10.1126/sciadv.abp8085.

Clathrin-associated AP-1 control stermination of STING signalling

Y. Liu; P. Xu; S. Rivara; C. Liu; J. Ricci et al. 

Nature. 2022-10-19. Vol. 610, num. 7933, p. 761-767. DOI : 10.1038/s41586-022-05354-0.

Global and gene-specific translational regulation in Escherichia coli across different conditions

D. Zhang; S. H-J. Li; C. G. King; N. S. Wingreen; Z. Gitai et al. 

Plos Computational Biology. 2022-10-01. Vol. 18, num. 10, p. e1010641. DOI : 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1010641.

ClimateBench v1.0: A Benchmark for Data-Driven Climate Projections

D. Watson-Parris; Y. Rao; D. Olivie; O. Seland; P. Nowack et al. 

Journal Of Advances In Modeling Earth Systems. 2022-10-01. Vol. 14, num. 10, p. e2021MS002954. DOI : 10.1029/2021MS002954.

A mitochondria-specific mutational signature of aging: increased rate of A > G substitutions on the heavy strand

A. G. Mikhailova; A. A. Mikhailova; K. Ushakova; E. O. Tretiakov; D. Iliushchenko et al. 

Nucleic Acids Research. 2022-09-21. DOI : 10.1093/nar/gkac779.

Preexisting Heterogeneity of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression Drives Differential Growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Macrophages

O. Rutschmann; C. Toniolo; J. D. McKinney 

Mbio. 2022-09-19. DOI : 10.1128/mbio.02251-22.

Fluorescent D-Amino Acids for Super-resolution Microscopy of the Bacterial Cell Wall

C. Zhang; L. Reymond; O. Rutschmann; M. A. Meyer; J. Denereaz et al. 

Acs Chemical Biology. 2022-09-16. Vol. 17, num. 9, p. 2418-2424. DOI : 10.1021/acschembio.2c00496.

Polygenic Risk Scores for Prediction of Subclinical Coronary Artery Disease in Persons Living With HIV: The Swiss HIV Cohort Study

I. C. Schoepf; C. W. Thorball; H. Kovari; B. Ledergerber; R. R. Buechel et al. 

Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2022-09-13. DOI : 10.1093/cid/ciac758.

Clinical detection of ‘cold stress’ is overlooked: an online survey of healthcare workers to explore the gap in neonatal thermal care in low-resource settings

M. Kyokan; V. Jirapaet; F. Rosa-Mangeret; G. B. Pisoni; R. E. Pfister 

Bmj Paediatrics Open. 2022-09-01. Vol. 6, num. 1, p. e001606. DOI : 10.1136/bmjpo-2022-001606.

Deploying Decentralized, Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing

C. Troncoso; D. Bogdanov; E. Bugnion; S. Chatel; C. Cremers et al. 

Communications Of The Acm. 2022-09-01. Vol. 65, num. 9, p. 48-57. DOI : 10.1145/3524107.

Monocyte-derived macrophages aggravate pulmonary vasculitis via cGAS/STING/IFN-mediated nucleic acid sensing

N. Kessler; S. F. Viehmann; C. Krollmann; K. Mai; K. M. Kirschner et al. 

Journal Of Experimental Medicine. 2022-08-23. Vol. 219, num. 10, p. e20220759. DOI : 10.1084/jem.20220759.

Transposon-activated POU5F1B promotes colorectal cancer growth and metastasis

L. Simó-Riudalbas; S. Offner; E. Planet; J. Duc; L. Abrami et al. 

Nature Communications. 2022-08-20. Vol. 13, num. 1, p. 4913. DOI : 10.1038/s41467-022-32649-7.

A Phylogeny-aware GWAS Framework to Correct for Heritable Pathogen Effects on Infectious Disease Traits

S. Nadeau; C. W. Thorball; R. Kouyos; H. F. Guenthard; J. Boeni et al. 

Molecular Biology And Evolution. 2022-08-03. Vol. 39, num. 8, p. msac163. DOI : 10.1093/molbev/msac163.

Acetate, a metabolic product of Heligmosomoides polygyrus, facilitates intestinal epithelial barrier breakdown in a FFAR2-dependent manner

F. Schalter; M. Frech; K. Duerholz; S. Lucas; K. Sarter et al. 

International Journal For Parasitology. 2022-08-01. Vol. 52, num. 9, p. 591-601. DOI : 10.1016/j.ijpara.2022.04.004.

A Baseline Cellular Antiviral State Is Maintained by cGAS and Its Most Frequent Naturally Occurring Variant rs610913

J. Kazmierski; C. Elsner; K. Doehner; S. Xu; A. Ducroux et al. 

Journal Of Immunology. 2022-08-01. Vol. 209, num. 3, p. 535-547. DOI : 10.4049/jimmunol.2100685.

Disproportionate investment in Spiralin B production limits in-host growth and favors the vertical transmission of Spiroplasma insect endosymbionts

F. Masson; S. Rommelaere; F. Schupfer; J-P. Boquete; B. Lemaitre 

Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America. 2022-07-26. Vol. 119, num. 30, p. e2208461119. DOI : 10.1073/pnas.2208461119.

Type 1 piliated uropathogenic Escherichia coli hijack the host immune response by binding to CD14

K. Tomasek; A. Leithner; I. Glatzova; M. S. Lukesch; C. C. Guet et al. 

Elife. 2022-07-26. Vol. 11, p. e78995. DOI : 10.7554/eLife.78995.

Engineering Agrobacterium tumefaciens Adhesion to Target Cells

X. Pierrat; A. Pham; J. P. H. Wong; Z. Al-Mayyah; A. Persat 

Acs Synthetic Biology. 2022-07-26. DOI : 10.1021/acssynbio.2c00069.

Patient-derived monoclonal antibody neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variants and confers full protection in monkeys

C. Fenwick; P. Turelli; D. Ni; L. Perez; K. Lau et al. 

Nature Microbiology. 2022-07-25. DOI : 10.1038/s41564-022-01198-6.

Dynamics of the most common pathogenic mtDNA variant m.3243A > G demonstrate frequency-dependency in blood and positive selection in the germline

M. Franco; S. J. Pickett; Z. Fleischmann; M. Khrapko; A. Cote-L’Heureux et al. 

Human Molecular Genetics. 2022-07-15. DOI : 10.1093/hmg/ddac149.

Improving polygenic prediction with genetically inferred ancestry

O. Naret; Z. Kutalik; F. Hodel; Z. M. Xu; P. Marques-Vidal et al. 

Human Genetics And Genomics Advances. 2022-07-14. Vol. 3, num. 3, p. 100109. DOI : 10.1016/j.xhgg.2022.100109.

Polar flagellar wrapping and lateral flagella jointly contribute to Shewanella putrefaciens environmental spreading

M. J. Kuehn; D. B. Edelmann; K. M. Thormann 

Environmental Microbiology. 2022-07-08. DOI : 10.1111/1462-2920.16107.

Er-Phagy: Mechanisms, Regulation, And Diseases Connected To The Lysosomal Clearance Of The Endoplasmic Reticulum

F. Reggiori; M. Molinari 

Physiological Reviews. 2022-07-01. Vol. 102, num. 3, p. 1393-1448. DOI : 10.1152/physrev.00038.2021.

Host genomics of SARS-CoV-2 infection

C. Redin; C. W. Thorball; J. Fellay 

European Journal Of Human Genetics. 2022-06-30. Vol. 30, p. 908–914. DOI : 10.1038/s41431-022-01136-4.

Transposable elements contribute to the spatiotemporal microRNA landscape in human brain development

C. J. Playfoot; S. Sheppard; E. Planet; D. Trono 

RNA. 2022-06-22.  p. rna.079100.122. DOI : 10.1261/rna.079100.122.

The risk of COVID-19 death is much greater and age dependent with type I IFN autoantibodies

J. Manry; P. Bastard; A. Gervais; T. Le Voyer; J. Rosain et al. 

Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America. 2022-05-24. Vol. 119, num. 21, p. e2200413119. DOI : 10.1073/pnas.2200413119.

The Food Recognition Benchmark: Using Deep Learning to Recognize Food in Images

S. P. Mohanty; G. Singhal; E. A. Scuccimarra; D. Kebaili; H. Heritier et al. 

Frontiers In Nutrition. 2022-05-06. Vol. 9, p. 875143. DOI : 10.3389/fnut.2022.875143.

Mitochondrial Pseudogenes Suggest Repeated Inter-Species Hybridization among Direct Human Ancestors

K. Popadin; K. Gunbin; L. Peshkin; S. Annis; Z. Fleischmann et al. 

Genes. 2022-05-01. Vol. 13, num. 5, p. 810. DOI : 10.3390/genes13050810.

Nuclear Lipid Droplet Birth during Replicative Stress

S. Kumanski; R. Forey; C. Cazevieille; M. Moriel-Carretero 

Cells. 2022-05-01. Vol. 11, num. 9, p. 1390. DOI : 10.3390/cells11091390.

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