What we do

The SV School Council is a school body where the right of participation is expressed. The Council discusses and approves strategic and operational subjects related to teaching, research and planning, in particular:

  • Teaching: creation and suppression of qualifications, definition of teaching evaluation modes
  • Research: general research policy, annual report
  • Planning: strategic planning, creation and closure of institutes or centres
  • Policy: EPFL rules and regulations
  • Approval of nomination proposals according to the Rules and Regulations concerning the Organisation of EPFL Schools

The SV School Council has the right to submit motions on the proposal of School members.

More information can be found in the Directive on School Councils (LEX 1.2.1), Rules and Regulations Concerning the Organisation of EPFL Schools (LEX 1.2.9) and the Ordinance on the Organisation of the EPFL (LEX 1.1.1)

Responsibilities of a member in a nutshell
Attend the meetings of the School Council 4 to 5 per year, on a Monday at 12h15
Take position on the consultations Consultations come from the Presidency and Vice-Presidencies (2019: 11 consultations – 2020: 13 consultations – 2021: 11 consultations – 2022: 10 consultations – 2023: 9 consultations – 2024: 4 (ongoing)
Propose topics for the agenda Topics should be proposed in consultation with the other members of each body
Benefits of being part of the School Council
Direct access to the Dean who acts as the President of the School Council
Acquire knowledge about how the EPFL works through the consultations
Sandwich/salad lunch provided during the meetings
Acquire knowledge about how the SV School works, participate in improving its functioning and daily life for all the community
Enlarge your network and get to know members of the student body (Bachelor and Master), scientific staff (PhD and PostDocs), teaching staff, administrative and technical staff