Lab Immersion

A typical project will involve “hands-on” wetlab experimentation and data analysis, although theoretical and computationally-oriented projects are also possible.
Student visiting an SV lab with a project on cell centrosomes | © EPFL Murielle Gerber

The students are confronted with the realisation of a laboratory-based project integrating specific aspects of life sciences engineering. This project will allow them to apply skills of domain and transversal skills acquired during their studies to concrete problems. The projects are available on the websites of SV laboratories or discussed directly with a head of lab. The lab immersions can be done inside (8-12 ECTS) or outside EPFL (22 ECTS, in academia or industry).

Detailed course description for BIO-501 are available in the course book.

Where can I do a Lab immersion?

Opportunities for student projects are available on the websites of SV laboratories or discussed with a head of lab.

and other faculties, within EPFL, with the approval of the Section.


During the semester : 16h (or 24h/week for 12 ECTS) during 14 weeks

During the Summer : 5 weeks (or 8 weeks for 12 ECTS) full time; week = 42h

Or as discussed with a potential head of lab

Total workload = 240 or 360 hours

We encourage you to see different labs during your master studies.


Latest 2 weeks after the beginning of the semester.

When you register on is-academia, please download the pdf form, ask your supervisor to sign it and send it to [email protected] for record.

Assessment method

Continuous control.

The mode of evaluation must be clearly defined and agreed between the student and the project mentor in advance. Typically the mode of evaluation will include a written report and /or an oral presentation prepared and delivered by the student.


You cannot spend BIO-501, BIO-502 and BIO-503 outside EPFL.

Download and complete the project proposal form (below) and submit it to the SV Section.

The form must be approved and signed by an EPFL supervising professor. Once completed, the form must be sent for final signature by Igor Allaman on the LSE support platform.

Validation of a BIO-506 implies that the Master project has to be carried out in academia.

External Master students must validate at least 90 ECTS credits within EPFL.

This implies that external Master students may do a 22-credit lab immersion outside EPFL or a 30-credit Master thesis project outside EPFL but they may not do both.

Assessment method

Students must provide 2 reports to their EPFL supervisor, one 7 weeks after their arrival and the second one 14 weeks after their arrival at the lab host.

BIO-504 and BIO-506 are evaluated upon a pass/fail system. They are not graded.

How many credits Lab immersions can I take?

No more than 30 credits can be taken from lab immersions (including a minor project)


Registration forms

Lab immersion outside EPFL in academia
Lab immersion outside EPFL in industy

Cover sheets

Cover sheet – Master lab immersion in academia
Cover sheet – Master lab immersion in industry

Other forms

Student evaluation form (host lab)