Biomolecular Screening Facility

The Biomolecular Screening Facility provides assay development, screening infrastructure, chemical collections and know-how for the identification of bioactive hits and leads

BSF – An EPFL core facility providing access to Swiss academic institutions
The Biomolecular Screening Facility (BSF) is a multidisciplinary technological platform at the EPFL created and directed by Dr. Gerardo Turcatti, M.E.R. for performing high throughput screening in life sciences-related projects. The BSF has the necessary infrastructure, multidisciplinary expertise and flexibility to perform large screening programs using chemical collections in the areas of chemical biology, systems biology and drug discovery

BSF- ACCESS, a national screening platform
Within the frame of the NCCR Chemical Biology, BSF developed the Academic Chemical Screening platform of Switzerland (ACCESS), so as to provide the scientific community with chemical diversity, screening facilities and know-how in chemical genetics. In addition, the BSF has its own applied research axes that are driven by innovation in thematic areas related to preclinical drug discovery and discovery of bioactive probes.

BSF and Industry
On a case by case basis and according to its capacity, the BSF may also consider collaborations or provide services to industrial partners.


We perform biochemical, cellular target-based and phenotypic screening assays in 96- and 384-well plates.

Our Collections

More than 100’000 chemical compounds are available for screening.

Open Access

Users can access screening-related instruments after appropriate training by the BSF members.