Ablasser Lab – Innate Immunity

The goals of our research is to understand how the cells of our immune system detect the presence of pathogens and to dissect the fundamental mechanisms that provide host defense.

A dendritic cell, one of the cells of the innate immune system where cGAS plays a major role ©EPFL/iStock photos (Design Cells)

Our research

Our research focuses on the identification of factors involved in the intracellular recognition of pathogen-derived molecular patterns and on the elucidation of the consecutive signaling events. We also aim towards a better understanding of the physiological functions of these pathways both in the context of pathogen infection and during non-infectious, physiological processes.



Head of Laboratory:

Prof. Andrea Ablasser

Office : SV 3516

[email protected]

Phone : +41 21 693 07 31


Sonia Marchegiano

Office: SV 3515

[email protected]

Phone: + 41 21 693 13 70

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Station 19

CH-1015 Lausanne

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