Zeiss LSM700 IN2

Zeiss LSM700 IN2 at the BIOP
BIOP motorized stage LSM700 Inverted 2 Confocal Scanning Microscope with Sola lightsource and PC.

Zeiss LSM 700 Inverted Microscope.
Multi-purpose confocal with tPMT, widefield & brightfield capability. Motorized stage.

OKOLAB Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Control

With adapters for chamber slides, slides, petri dishes and well plates.

Person in charge: José Artacho & Thierry Laroche

Book on SV-PPMS

Technical Specifications

Imaging: Confocal & Widefield
 Inverted Zeiss AxioObserver Z1
XY-Stage: Motorized
Illumination: LED Lumencor SOLA
Software: ZEN 2009


2 photomultiplier tubes (PMT) for fluorescence
1 transmission photomultiplier tube (PMT) for brightfield

CameraAxiocam MRm (B/W)
Chip TechnologyCCD Grayscale
Sensor Format 1388 x 1040
Chip size8.0 mm x 6.7 mm
Pixel size6.45 um x 6.45 um
Dynamic Range12-bit


ObjectiveMag/NAMediumContrastWD (mm)
EC Plan-Neofluar10x/0.30airDIC5.20
EC Plan-Neofluar10x/0.30airPH 15.20
Plan-Apochromat20x/0.80airPH 20.55

Laser Lines

WavelengthLaser Type
405 nmSolid state
488 nmSolid state
555 nmSolid state
639 nmSolid state


The links in the table below will send you to an FPbase configuration page.

BlueG 365FT 395BP 445/50FS 49
GreenBP 450-490FT 510BP 515-565FS 10
RedBP 546/12FT 560BP 575-640FS 20
Far-RedBP 640/30FT 660BP 690/50FS 50