Call for Papers: “Territories in Time: Mapping Palimpsest Horizons”

Nowadays cities and territories have to face processes where multiple and complex dynamics are replacing static and immanent ones. Moreover, worldwide, every two days more data is being produced than in all of history prior to 2003, and the consequent greater availability of data imposes a second dimension of time that challenges the way we conceive reality: the so called “real time” reminds us the impossibility of imagining the act of mapping as a standing alone practice, and thus the need of requisitioning its agency in both design and governance processes. This issue calls for a mapping approach that intends to disclose history as a data producer as much as the present time, as a mean for reading reality and therefore imagining the future without the restrictions of a prescriptive approach. In other words, it is the same hypothesis used in 1983 by Andre Corboz when he defined the territory as a palimpsest, as a blackboard where society can trace, (never completely) erase and ultimately re-trace new chapters of urban transformation.

Editor(s):  Chiara Cavalieri (UCLouvain, Belgium) and Elena Cogato Lanza (EPFL, Switzerland)
15 September 2019 Deadline for Abstracts
15 January 2020 Deadline for Submissions
April/June 2020 Publication of the Issue
Mapping Palimpsest Horizons
Mapping Palimpsest Horizons
Mapping Palimpsest Horizons

Call for Projects: “Healthy Cities. Towards a One Health agenda for urban space”

HABITAT seeks to enable and encourage a profound interdisciplinary collaboration among EPFL laboratories that share a common urgency: the need to explore the interactions between spatial, social and environmental processes through the dimensions of sustainability, biodiversity and public health. Nowadays, cities and territories have to face economic, environmental and social crises with multiple and complex dynamics that are replacing processes that were thought to be more predictable. Through “Healthy Cities”, HABITAT aims to explore the potentialities of interdisciplinary collaborations and support emerging synergies between teams working on the built, natural and social aspects of healthy urban environments.

7 May 2019 Deadline for submission
31 May 2019 Notification of acceptance
Mapping Palimpsest Horizons

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Mapping Palimpsest Horizons
Mapping Palimpsest Horizons

Call for Projects: “Time machine prototype”