Remote work

The campus has gradually reopened since Monday, 4 May. However, all employees whose work does not require them to be on campus are encouraged to continue working remotely.

What you need to work remotely

Here is a list of software and services available to the EPFL community that allow you to work off site easily and efficiently.

Remote email access

You can use either a computer or your smartphone to access your EPFL email account off campus.

Go to the email configuration and support page for more information.

Remote access to your Exchange Calendar

You can access your Exchange Calendar over the web as well as through the Outlook (Windows and Mac) and iCal (Mac) clients.

Go to the calendar page for details on how this works.

Remote intranet access

If you want to use certain services on EPFL’s intranet, such as WordPress and Sesame, you’ll need to set up a VPN connection with EPFL.

Go to the VPN clients available page to learn how to install a VPN client.

Call forwarding

As of today and for the duration of this exceptional situation, it is possible to forward calls from your internal phone to any fixed or mobile phone number.

Remote access to Jabber

You can install Cisco’s Jabber Softphone on your computer or smartphone.

You can use Zoom to set up and participate in video conferences, simple online meetings and group messaging.

Official virtual backgrounds for zoom conferences are available on Corp-ID Inside webpage.

The Center for Digital Education (CEDE) and Teaching Support Center (CAPE) have setup documentation and a Help Desk to support teachers for the online conferencing tool ZOOM, Moodle and Speakup.

The Service Desk helps answer and solve all your IT problems and questions.

email: [email protected]
phone: 021 / 693 1234

For your requests concerning coronavirus, please use this form.


Do you want to make your computer station at home as ergonomic as possible during this work-from-home period?

The DSPS ergonomics webpage shows you a few simple things that you can do during this time to best adapt your remote workplace. You will also find other valuable tips in the “useful links” section.