For all emergencies, 24h/24:
From an EPFL landline: 115
From a personal mobile phone: 021 693 30 00
From the EPFL Campus app: SOS

Report a laboratory accident: Event manager

For all questions: Support SCC

Laboratory Safety

Our mission is to foster a safe working environment in laboratories thanks to advice, risk analyses and audits. Regarding safety and health in the workplace, the Safety Competence Center (SCC) aims to make some 15,000 students and researchers on the EPFL campus and in its outposts accountable daily. Chemists, biologists, engineers and physicians, the members of the SCC form a multidisciplinary team of scientists working for the safety prevention, support, training and inspection of EPFL’s 2,000 labs.



With the goal to continuously improve employees’ health and safety, as well as safety infrastructure, the SCC regularly visit all EPFL labs.


In a lab, employees may be exposed to several distinctive hazards that we call “specific hazards”. These types of hazards are directly related to the activities carried out in a lab and can therefore vary from one lab to another.


Laboratory work can lead to the production of waste that is sometimes classified as special waste.


Personal protective equipment

An electronic catalogue comprising various safety items is at your disposal on the Sesame portal of the purchasing platform. In addition, the DSPS offers the possibility to every employee working more than half-time in an environment where wearing safety glasses is mandatory (lab, workshop, etc.) and with an EPFL contract for the coming year to order a pair of prescription safety glasses.