Outdoor extension cords

Did you know that the new SN 441011 standard for plugs and sockets with IP protection came into force on March 1, 2022 ?

Extension cords and reels that comply with the new IP55 standard now offer effective protection against dust and splashing water, regardless of the angle at which they are projected and whether they are plugged in or not.

Am I concern ?

Yes, if you use extension cords and reels

  • in a humid environment,
  • in a dusty environment,
  • with strong solicitation,
  • outdoors (even under shelter).

As the current Swiss IP44 connectors will no longer be compatible with the new standard, we recommend that you inquire and consider your needs carefully; only activities in the environments listed above require adaptation. Any change of plug of a device will require an electrical check by trained personnel.

Is a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) required ?

If you are not sure if you are connected to a line with fault current protection, the GFCI module is mandatory.


I would like to train myself or a colleague

We offer you the opportunity to train yourself or your colleagues on the dangers of electricity. This course is given by ElectroSuisse. It allows you to replace the plugs yourself and check the devices according to SNR 462638. Ask your workshop if they are equipped with the necessary equipment for the tests.

This training is given by external personnel and is certified, this training is not free and the cost is charged to your unit.

Contact us if your are interested !



  • If you have high power loads (over 1000 W), you should unwind the cable reels completely.
  • Regularly check the condition of your extension cords and replace them with new models at the slightest doubt.
  • Even for small indoor activities (no mechanical stress or heavy usage), choose reels equipped with protective covers (IP44), and choose models that are equipped with a thermal fuse (in case of overheating).