Medical supervision for people working with radioactivity

According to the Radiological Protection Ordinance (RPO), all individuals with professional exposure to ionizing radiation must undergo a medical examination before beginning work with radioactive sources or X-ray generators. Personnel professionally exposed to ionizing radiations must undertake a basic radioprotection safety course and agree to follow the rules established by the Ordinance, specifically those related to personal protection, management of waste, and individual dosimetry.


  1. Fill in the exposure Radioprotection questionnaire or contact us
  2. You will receive via email an appointment for a medical exam
  3. Before the appointment, print and fill out the Radioprotection – Medical visit certificate.


The examination fees are covered by the unit.

The exam includes:

  • A blood test (full blood count) by the medical assistant
  • A consultation (medical history & physical examination) with the occupational health specialist.