Using the Member section of the International SOS website

The Member section of the International SOS website contains a wide range of travel information about specific countries. We suggest you browse through this section before you travel.

Here we explain the main features available. For more information, call the International SOS hotline, available 24/7 at +41 22 785 64 64


Website services available to International SOS members

Click on “Know My Risks” to get important travel information about your destination, such as whether you can drink the water, what local currency is used and what social customs you should be aware of. 

After you click on “Know My Risks,” select the country you are interested in in the drop-down menu (see the box circled in red below):

A window will appear with an overview of the main health and safety characteristics of that country (here Switzerland is shown as an example).

Browse through the different menus – Security, Medical, Travel and Cities – to get more details about each topic. Please note that each menu has submenus, as shown below for the Travel menu.

You can sign up for International SOS email alerts to get important travel-related updates from around the world. 

Click on “Sign Up for Email Alerts” and enter your name and EPFL email address under “How do I register”. 

Once you receive the confirmation email and click on the link, you can log into the alert system under “Login for existing users”.

There you can sign up for the news feeds you’re interested in. 

“Real time country updates” gives you important health and safety-related information for the countries you select (we suggest you use this for all countries you plan to travel to), and “Scheduled summaries” gives you regular news summaries for regions you select. 

Once you have selected your countries, don’t forget to save your changes to start receiving the alerts.

With the “Custom Location Reports” feature, you can select specific information under “Know My Risks” and have it emailed to you in the form of a report (see “Detailed information about your destination” above). That will give you a summary with only the information you’re interested in.

Select the countries you plan to visit and the details you would like to have included in the report, and click “Create Report” (for some countries you can also select specific cities).

The report will appear in a window, and you can choose whether to print it and/or send it by email. 

Using our travel assistance program

Our travel assistance program is designed to help you stay healthy and safe while you’re on an EPFL business or educational trip.

Travel risk map

Consult our risk map in order to obtain information on your destination.

Download the International SOS app

The International SOS app for smartphones lets you plan your trip easily, receive customized travel alerts and contact an assistance center at any time of day or night.