from 21st to 25th

The week dedicated to mental health took place on campus from 21 to 25 November 2022. This event for the entire EPFL community is part of the Mental Health and Well-Being Task Force, whose objective is to provide a working, study and research environment in which everyone can fully and serenely realize their potential.

This week has been set up to inform, raise awareness and free up the debate on issues related to mental health. The programme includes conferences, round tables, workshops, well-being activities including a participative fresco, a film-debate with a Swiss premiere and a Pecha Kucha.

Réseaux sociaux – quels impacts sur la santé mentale ? Round table with Prof. Yasser Khazaal
Se libérer du stress, de la pression et de tout ce qui nous ronge. Conference by Fabrice Midal
Stress and anxiety on cognitive and social functioning. Conference by Prof. Carmen Sandi
Neurodiversity Better understanding neuroatypical people. Round table with Dr. Josef Schovanec
Boîte à outils pour la bonne humeur. Conference by Prof. Michel Lejoyeux
Prévenir le burn out dans un contexte exigeant et compétitif. Conference by Catherine Vasey
Maintenir la perfomance agir tôt Early intervention. Round table with Dr. Luis Alameda, Dresse Sylvie Berney and Tatjana Franz
Molecular and cellular traces of traumatic memories in the brain. Conference by Prof. Johannes Gräff

Schedule :

  • from Monday 21st to Sunday 27th 2022
  • 12h to 14h – 17h30 to 20h

Free event  (sign-up recommanded)

Location :

  • Forum Rolex
  • Esplanade
  • EPFL Pavillon A
  • MED Hall
  • CM2
  • CM3
  • Polydôme
  • MXF 1
  • SG0211
  • SG1
  • MED 21522

CHUV – Intervention Précoce (Programme TIPP)

Present on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday

Treatment and Early Intervention in Psychosis (TIPP) is an outpatient program run by the General Psychiatry Department at Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), providing detection and intervention for young adults aged 18–35 years experiencing early symptoms of psychosis.

La main tendue

Present on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday

Tél 143 – La Main Tendue is a nonprofit organization that offers a non-judgmental listening ear and emotional support service for anyone facing either chronic or occasional life issues. It runs a free, 24/7 helpline (143, including an overnight emergency service), as well as a chat and email support service (

Ciao/ On t’écoute

Present on Monday – Tuesday – Friday

Onté is a website where young people aged 18–25 years in French-speaking Switzerland can get answers to health-related questions from qualified professionals. The site also contains a wealth of trusted, targeted resources, a peer discussion forum, and an extensive directory of organizations offering information and support throughout French-speaking Switzerland. These services are 100% anonymous and provided free of charge.

Pro Mente Sana

Present on Tuesday

Pro Mente Sana is a nonprofit organization working to promote mental health and to champion the rights and interests of people living with mental illness. It provides information, advice and guidance, but does not offer treatment or ongoing care.

La Coraasp

Present on Monday – Thursday

Coraasp (Coordination Romande des Associations d’Action pour la Santé Psychique) is the umbrella body for 27 mental health nonprofits in French-speaking Switzerland. Working in partnership with the people it supports, their loved ones and mental health practitioners, Coraasp takes collective action to foster social inclusion, promote citizenship and champion the interests of people living with mental illness.


Present on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday

Association Boulimie Anorexie (ABA) is a nonprofit organization offering help and guidance to people living with eating disorders and their loved ones. ABA’s psychologists hold confidential appointments, run a free telephone helpline and provide an email support service.

Pro Juventute

Present on Thursday

Conseils + Aide 147 is a support service operated by charitable foundation Pro Juventute. Every day, around 350 young people get in touch with its advisors to talk about whatever’s on their mind – from personal, friendship and family issues, to sex, relationships and problems at school.


Present on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday

PositiveMinders is a global nonprofit organization working to remove barriers to early intervention and inclusive care for people living with mental illness, so that anyone who’s struggling can access the support they need to get back on the path to recovery.

Stress network

Present on Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday is a nonprofit organization bringing together scientists working on stress-related topics at Swiss universities. It works to raise awareness among policymakers and the public of the importance of stress-related research, to promote collaboration between scientists, and to improve communication between researchers and the general public.

Stop Suicide

Present on : jeudi

Stop Suicide is a nonprofit organization run by and for young people. The organization has grown and evolved over the years, running various suicide prevention initiatives for young people aged 15–29 years in French-speaking Switzerland, including a campaign on a different theme each year plus awareness-raising events throughout the region.

Point Santé EPFL

Present on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday

EPFL specialists provide everyday advice, care, support, training and other services focusing on health and prevention. The School’s occupational health and nursing staff are here to protect the health and safety of community members.

Trust and support Network EPFL – TSN

Present on Thursday

The role of the Trust and Support Network (TSN) is to listen, orient and support EPFL members in complete confidentiality.

It brings together internal and external experts who provide an initial level of assistance and care in situations of discrimination and psychosocial risk.

Bureau de l’égalité des chances EPFL – VPT-EGA

Present on Wednesday

EPFL’s equal opportunity policy is based on federal legislation, ETH Domain-specific legislation, EPFL’s Development Plan and the agreement on objectives between EPFL and the ETH Board.

On this basis, together with its steering committee and in cooperation with EPFL’s various schools and units, the Equal Opportunity Office draws up action plans to promote equal opportunities.

Consultation sociale EPFL & consultation psychothérapeutique du CHUV

Present on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday

EPFL Social Consultation

EPFL Social Consultation offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students individual, solution-oriented advice and support. Its counselors work closely with the students on a one-on-one basis to build up their resources and develop practical and concrete ways to handle the day-to-day difficulties that they encounter, whether in their studies or private life.

The counseling service is free and confidential and can be provided in English or French.

Psychotherapeutic consultation for EPFL students

This consultation is part of the Admissions and Brief Intervention Unit of the General Psychiatry Service of the CHUV. Specialized physicians and psychologists, bound by professional secrecy, receive students and doctoral students who are in crisis and who present psychological distress and/or difficulties in their daily functioning. Consultations are held on campus in French, English, German and Italian. The first contact and the first consultation are free of charge; subsequent consultations are covered by the basic health insurance.

Aumônerie EPFL

Present on Tuesday

EPFL’s spiritual care service runs activities with a focus on togetherness, dialogue, reflection and action for all, regardless of people’s individual beliefs. It also offers an individually tailored listening and support service. The spiritual care service is rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition but open to people of any faith.

Pôle prévention de l’association des étudiant·es de l’EPFL (Agepoly)

Present on Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday

The AGEPoly Prevention Team runs education and awareness-raising activities focusing on themes such as mental health and staying safe at student events. The team helps make the EPFL campus a welcoming place for all.

Our partners

This week was organised with Positive Minders association.



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