FAQ on evacuation and safety procedures

How is an evacuation order signalled ?

An evacuation order is issued through an intermittent horn that sounds throughout the relevant building. Upon this signal, anyone present in the building is required to evacuate immediately.

What items are recommended to take with you during the evacuation ?

During the evacuation, you are advised to take your CAMIPRO card, your keys, a jacket, and your personal belongings.

What movement instructions should be followed during the evacuation ?

During the evacuation, the use of elevators is strictly prohibited. You must follow the designated signage and use only the stairwells to exit the premises.

How are people with reduced mobility or specific needs catered for during an evacuation ?

If you have limited mobility, are visually impaired, or have a specific health condition, you can call the Central Call and Engagement Centre (+41 (0)21 693 11 11) or use the SOS button available on the EPFL mobile application, making sure to specify your location.

Where are the assembly points located, and can they change in the event of an evacuation ?

Fixed assembly points are clearly marked on the campus map. However, during an evacuation, temporary assembly points might be established near the affected buildings. These temporary locations will be indicated by a banner displaying the same pictogram as the usual assembly points.

Who is responsible for fire safety at EPFL ?

The Security – Intervention – Safety Service (SIS) has the responsibility, among other things, to ensure fire safety and the application of current regulations in this area, whilst also implementing the necessary organisational measures.

What about evacuation drill exercises ?

EPFL is obliged to regularly organise evacuation drills by building, under conditions that closely mirror real-life scenarios, in accordance with the AEAI 2015 Fire Protection Standard.

Who is in charge of coordinating the evacuation ?

The evacuation is overseen by the emergency services, who direct the evacuees to the designated assembly points or any other location deemed safe.

How are the evacuation routes managed ?

Evacuation routes must be kept clear at all times and cannot be used for any other purpose. Please refer to the related internal guidelines.