For all emergencies, 24h/24:
From an EPFL landline: 115
From a personal mobile phone: 021 693 30 00
From the EPFL Campus app: SOS


Advice and assistance in the area of prevention and health are provided daily through various training courses and specialists’ activities. In addition to offering services to the whole EPFL community, occupational health care in a technical university environment requires specific skills in order to guarantee the safety and health of researchers, doctoral students, students and technicians working in the labs. The working environment must be adapted to the research that is conducted. In the same manner, our students must be able to benefit from dedicated consultations for all issues relating to their health.

Health on the EPFL campus

Occupational health

The occupational health team, comprising hygienists and occupational doctors, as well as medical assistants, is specialized in interactions between a person and his or her working environment. Its goal is to promote and protect the health and well-being of all the people working at EPFL.

Consultations with nurses

The nursing team performs a clinical assessment (request, symptoms, history, physical examination) and offers you appropriate care, which can include referral to an external health professional (if possible, make an appointment).

Health prevention

The DSPS has implemented several health measures (blood donations, health bus and flu vaccination) in collaboration with external bodies in order to promote health on the EPFL campus.