In case of theft

Protection of material possessions

The DSPS reminds you that EPFL is an open site and some precautions must absolutely be taken:

  • Lock your office, even for short absences (it only takes two minutes to steal a wallet, a laptop, a mobile phone, etc.).
  • IT equipment must be secured to a strong support with a cable and lock adapted to the situation. Sufficient precautions must be taken, particularly regarding storage conditions, locking and access restrictions. Antitheft equipment can be obtained from CRI: +41 21 693 1234.
  • Do not let yourself be distracted during the transport of equipment and always make sure you are accompanied by someone.
  • Do not leave items visible in your car (laptop, mobile phone, equipment on the front or back seat).

In case of theft or damage to equipment belonging to the Confederation and/or theft or damage to private property directly linked with work.

Please fill in and sign the declaration form for theft of equipment belonging to the Confederation (only in French) and send it to the address below:


BS 196 (BS building)

Station 4

For possible compensation, please contact your institute, laboratory or service.

In case of theft of private property, the risks are not insured and private equipment stored or used at EPFL remains under the owner’s responsibility. This comprises personal belongings, clothes, bags, wallets, etc. as well as their contents, books, mobile phones, personal computers and their accessories, vehicles, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, etc. and their contents, as well as all other personal object that is temporarily or permanently stored at EPFL.

Please go to the nearest police station or fill in the online complaint form and send us a copy of the complaint to the following address:



BS 196 (BS building)

Station 4

The conclusion of a specific insurance contract may be considered for scientific equipment or material with a certain value.

In principle, premiums are chargeable to the concerned faculty, institute or laboratory.

Contact : Mr. Hakim Hadjeres, 3 24 60


Filing of complaints

Poste de police d’Ecublens (Ecublens police station)
4, Route du Bois 2
1024 Ecublens

Phone: +41 21 632 71 17

Police cantonale vaudoise (Vaud cantonal police)
Av. de Longemalle 1
1020 Renens

Phone: +41 21 557 01 21

EPFL contact: 
[email protected]

Phone: +41 21 693 24 16

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