Infrastructure safety

Within the DSPS-SIS, the Special Projects team, comprising specialists in industrial hazards, AEAI fire protection and occupational health and safety, ensures the continuous improvement of the infrastructure safety of the School and its outposts.

We follow construction, renovation and furnishing projects in order to guarantee their compliance with legal requirements for fire prevention and the current state of the art, from the preliminary draft project through to commissioning:

  • Blueprints are verified and implemented if needed.
  • We take part in the project follow-up sessions to support project leaders and contractors regarding safety issues.
  • We monitor construction sites to verify their proper execution.
  • Finally, we take part in the full tests of safety facilities.

In existing buildings, we control fire prevention and firefighting measures to mitigate risks if an incident occurs:

  • Operation of technical installations is regularly tested in collaboration with the PCC.
  • We carry out spot checks to ensure in particular that escape routes in buildings (staircases, hallways, exits and passageways) are clear and accessible at all times.
  • We carry out safety audits at the scale of buildings.

Through risk analysis, we evaluate the needs for small extinguishing agents (fire extinguishers, for example) on the premises.

We support users for the storage and complex management of hazardous materials, according to specific hazards and in compliance with the valid regulations, while making possible the work of the EPFL community.

In collaboration with the Emergency Unit, we organize evacuation drills. To assess their efficiency, it is important that all occupants of the evacuated building take part in the drill and comply with predetermined instructions.

We train the companies working on the campus on the specific risks they may encounter to ensure the safety of construction sites.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of need!