EPFL fire brigade

EPFL has its own firefighting and rescue service that comprises a general staff and a voluntary brigade of firefighters and wearers of respiratory protective equipment. These people have followed the basic training provided by ECA, as well as training given by the Vaud Firefighters Association.

Their missions are the following:

  • Firefighting
  • Assistance in the case of damage caused by fire or natural elements
  • Management of accidents with a degree of urgency
  • Response in the case of an accident involving toxic chemicals
  • Response related to polluting liquid extracts
  • Response in the case of effects due to radioactivity
  • Surveillance during events
  • Assistance with evacuation

Anyone who wishes to join the EPFL firefighting brigade, ready to intervene on the campus and during EPFL events, will receive a two-day ECA training and upgrading courses that take place several times a year at EPFL and ECA. Firefighters who already belong to a brigade are, of course, welcome.


Requirements to join the EPFL firefighting brigade:

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • To be available
  • To be motivated
  • To be physically fit
  • To belong to EPFL (student or member of staff)

If you meet all these requirements, please send us an email using the link below: