FAQ for the COSEC

We try to gather here the questions that we receive most often. Please help us to improve this FAQ by suggesting topics that you think could help CoSec.


The Cosec fund is a virtual fund attached to your function only, it should not be used to purchase safety equipment on the OHS Catalyse platform. Use the funds attached to your unit.


As a general rule, for safety and security reasons, you should limit your colleagues’ access as much as possible. However, if access has not been granted, you can request access from the Camipro managers.

  1. Confirm with your supervisor that access can be granted to the person.
  2. Check that the area you are requesting access to is not restricted for safety or security reasons.
    1. If YES, follow the existing access request procedure or contact OHS.
    2. If NO, contact the Camipro manager of your faculty/building. A list of Camipro managers can be found here.

Access to high-hazard areas such as P3, C-labs can only be granted by the OHS. If in doubt or if you suspect that someone has had undue access, please contact us.


Each unit must have at least one CoSec, otherwise the unit manager. In order to avoid a blur or a period without a CoSec, plan your change of function or departure in advance if possible.

  1. With the agreement of your manager, decide who will be your successor. Please note that administrative staff cannot (with some exceptions) be CoSec.
  2. Inform [email protected] of the change by providing the following information about the new CoSec :
    • Unit
    • Name
    • Start date (of the CoSec role)
    • Position
    • Preferred language (EN/FR)
  3. Inform your colleagues and third parties of the change.
  4. Check and transfer your chemical authorizations.
  5. Transfer your other safety roles (radiological protection referent, biosafety officer, etc.).
  6. If an overlap is possible with the new CoSec share as much information and competence as possible.