Mandatory Basic Safety Training (FOBS)


Following an EPFL Management decision dated February 28, 2005, the Safety, Prevention and Health Domain (DSPS) and the Staff Training Service (STS) organize a Mandatory Basic Safety Training (FOBS) for all new EPFL hires (employees, externals, guests, trainees, etc.), including for staff in EPFL outposts.

General mandatory training (sessions in French and English):

  • General knowledge of safety at EPFL (people, structures and responsibilities): the DSPS presents the safety activities necessary for the smooth running of EPFL, according to the Directive concerning occupational health and safety (DSST).
  • Raising awareness of prevention in the area of safety and health: behavior in response to risks and recognition of hazardous situations affect all EPFL employees (laboratory or administrative staff).
  • Initial emergency measures: rescuers and firefighters will explain the right course of action in case of an accident and how to behave when confronted with fire.
  • Schedule: 8.45 – 11.30 am
  • Registration: [email protected]

Laboratory safety (sessions in French and English):

Specific mandatory training for people working in “wet labs” with chemical substances, biological materials, nanoparticles, lasers, etc.

Please read the form to check if you must attend this training.


  • Reminder on basics in laboratory safety (presentation)
  • Chemical substances (storage, labeling, handling) (workshop)
  • Laboratory waste management (chemical, biological, nano) (workshop)
  • Safety equipment available in a laboratory (workshop)
  • Other hazards: lasers, cryogenics, noise, magnetic fields, etc. (presentation)
  • Schedule: 1 – 5 pm
  • Registration: [email protected]

Biosafety training levels 2 and 3 (sessions in English only):

Specific training mandatory for people who have access to a P2 or P3 lab.

Program: Risk assessment – Functioning of the various biosafety cabinets – Personal protective equipment – Treating a biological spill – Inactivation and disinfection – Waste.

FOBS 1+2:
10.10.2019 – EN – full
15.10.2019 – FR – full
24.10.2019 – EN – full
31.10.2019 – EN – full
07.11.2019 – FR – full
12.11.2019 – EN – full
21.11.2019 – EN
28.11.2019 – EN
05.12.2019 – FR
12.12.2019 – EN
17.12.2019 – FR
08.10.2019 – EN – full
22.10.2019 – EN – full
14.11.2019 – EN
10.12.2019 – EN

Requisite conditions for a waiver application:

  • Appointment for a duration of less than two months for staff working occasionally or regularly in a laboratory
  • Appointment for a duration of less than six months for administrative staff
  • Appointment for a duration of less than one year for staff working less than half-time.

If you meet one of these conditions, please fill in and sign the waiver application form and send it to the address mentioned.


For further information or registration requests:

[email protected]

Phone: 3 20 05