Mandatory basic safety training – FOBS 1+2


Following an EPFL Management decision dated February 28, 2005, the Security, Safety and Facilities Operations Domain (DSE) and the KeepLearning Service organize a Mandatory Basic Safety Training (FOBS) for all new EPFL hires (employees, externals, guests, trainees, etc.), including for staff in EPFL outposts.

  • Before new employees can receive their Camipro card, they must take an online module of the class and pass the quiz at the end.
  • Anyone who does not take the online module or pass the quiz will not be given a Camipro card.
  • New employees will be given information about how to take the online module when they receive their employment contract.

Below is the link to follow the part of the FOBS online :

General mandatory training (sessions in French and English):

  • General knowledge of safety at EPFL (people, structures and responsibilities): the DSE presents the safety activities necessary for the smooth running of EPFL, according to the Directive concerning occupational health and safety (DSST).
  • Raising awareness of prevention in the area of safety and health: behavior in response to risks and recognition of hazardous situations affect all EPFL employees (laboratory or administrative staff).
  • Initial emergency measures: rescuers and firefighters will explain the right course of action in case of an accident and how to behave when confronted with fire.
  • Schedule: 9.30 – 11.45 am
  • Registration: [email protected]

Laboratory safety (sessions in French and English):

Specific mandatory training for people working in “wet labs” with chemical substances, biological materials, nanoparticles, lasers, etc.

Please read the form to check if you must attend this training.


  • Reminder on basics in laboratory safety (presentation)
  • Chemical substances (storage, labeling, handling) (workshop)
  • Laboratory waste management (chemical, biological, nano) (workshop)
  • Safety equipment available in a laboratory (workshop)
  • Other hazards: lasers, cryogenics, noise, magnetic fields, etc. (presentation)
  • Schedule: 1.30 – 3.00 pm
  • Registration: [email protected]

FOBS 1+2 :
FOBS 1 -> 9h30-11h45
FOBS 1+2 -> 9h30-11h45 / 13h30-15h00

16.05.2024 – EN – available places only for FOBS 1
23.05.2024 – EN
30.05.2024 – FR
04.06.2024 – EN
13.06.2024 – EN
20.06.2024 – FR
27.06.2024 – EN
09.07.2024 – EN


For further information or registration requests:

[email protected]

Phone: 3 20 05

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