Task Force Mental Health & Well-Being

Mission and objectives

Mental health is just as important as physical health. But it remains a taboo topic in many settings, especially at universities. EPFL is committed to making the well-being of its community a strategic priority – and to creating an environment where everyone can get information, seek support and talk openly about mental health.

In line with this commitment, a Mental Health and Well-Being Task Force – under the leadership of the Associate Vice Presidency for Student Affairs and Outreach (AVP-SAO) – has been set up to develop a mental health strategy. This Task Force, which includes four focus groups (see below), follows a similar model to the Task Force Harassment A-Z & Promoting a Culture of Respect.

In November 2022, the Task Force surveyed the EPFL community to pinpoint the issues affecting mental health, to identify our community’s needs, and to determine what measures need to be implemented. The results of this survey were presented to Management in Summer 2023. The Task Force is currently working on concrete actions. At a later date, community members will receive a second questionnaire asking for feedback on these measures. 

The Task Force will also design a training program on how to support those facing mental health challenges. In addition, from 9 to 13 October 2023, Health Days were held on the EPFL campus, with stands, workshops, round tables and conferences dedicated to mental and physical health. Here you can see all the tables, rounds and conferences.

We would be happy to receive your questions, comments or suggestions at the following address: [email protected]

Task Force members


Focus groups

The aim of this group is to define the EPFL culture by involving the community in establishing a frmework of EPFL values and translating them into expected behaviours. It also aims to rethink the way we work, communicate and collaborate in order to foster a working environment that respects the needs of each individual, and encourages constructive and caring exchanges through the development of a solid feedback culture.

Focus group leaders: Kathryn Hess Bellwald and Gisou van der Goot

Members: representatives of the entire community

Following on from the Mental Health and Well-Being Week organized in November 2022, this working group is co-organizing the Health Days with the UNIL-EPFL Sport and Health Service. This event dedicated to mental and physical health will take place from 2 to 5 October on the UNIL campus and from 9 to 13 October on the EPFL campus. Reserved for these two communities, its aim is to inform and provide useful resources for cultivating well-being.

The aim of this focus group is to set up actions and events related to mental health and well-being, with a view to informing the EPFL and UNIL public about these issues, providing useful resources for cultivating well-being, giving a voice to people wishing to talk about their experiences and destigmatising mental health issues. One of the group’s responsibilities is to co-organise the Jours Santé (Health Days) with the UNIL-EPFL Sport and Health Service. This event dedicated to mental and physical health will take place in October on the EPFL and UNIL campus (details to follow).

Focus group leader: Albertine Kolendowska

Members:  Laureline Duvillard, Marie-Claude Cialente, David KerzelValérie Kaltenrieder, Ahmed Elalamy , Gemma Izquierdo Pardo

This group is responsible for proposing and planning the implementation of measures aimed at the student community to improve their mental health and well-being. It focuses in particular on the structure and management of studies.

Focus group leaders: Ingrid Leduc et Roland Tormey

Members: representatives of teaching, student, faculty, administrative and doctoral staff

This group is responsible for proposing and supervising the implementation of measures to improve the well-being on campus through the physical environment, and the development of collaborative workspaces.

The aim of this group is to develop a catalogue of training courses tailored to the various EPFL populations, in areas that have been identified as having an impact on satisfaction and development, in particular by professionalising team management.



Winter 2023/24: Launch of the FGs, development of measures

Spring 2024: Presentation to the Direction of the status of the work of the WGs, with proposals for measures to be implemented – request for validation of any budgets

Summer 2024: Implementation of the first series of concrete measures, planning of a second series of measures

Autumn 2024:  Presentation to the Direction, assessment of the first series of measures. Proposal for a second series of measures. Health days

2026/2027 : Analysis of developments: Renewal of mental health and well-being survey

Trust Point

Get help and support if you have a question or issue relating to your physical or mental health, or report a case of mobbing or harassment.