Gräff Lab – Laboratory of Neuroepigenetics

With their Janus-faced property of being at once dynamic and stable, we hypothesize that epigenetic mechanisms harbor the potential to better explain the molecular processes that govern learning, memory and memory loss. Our particular interests in the lab are memory consolidation/reconsolidation, Alzheimer’s disease, and long-lasting traumatic memories.
Neuronal circuits involved in long-term memory storage. Brain slice showing all cell nuclei in blue (post-slicing Hoechst staining).

Image of a brain section in which two fluorescent retrograde tracers were injected in the prelimbic cortex, which is implicated in long-term memory storage. Each hemisphere received a different tracer (pink and yellow) so that we can identify other brain regions that communicate with the prelimbic cortex for long-term memory storage. Cell nuclei are depicted in blue. ©EPFL – J. Gräff lab


Head of Laboratory : Johannes Gräff
Office : AI 2137.1
Phone : +41 21 69 30713
Mail : [email protected]

Administrative Assistant : Soledad Andany
Office : SV 2513
Phone : +41 21 69 31844
Mail : [email protected]

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