Door safety data sheet

Door Safety Data Sheets are prepared by the Safety Coordinators (COSEC) and allow for the identification of the most critical dangers to which one might be exposed in a given location, as well as the instructions to follow (what must and must not be done) and people to contact in case of emergency. The data sheets are particularly useful upon arrival of rescuers, and are a valuable source of information for anyone accessing the premises (staff, visitors, technical and maintenance personnel). By updating the data sheets regularly, and including the most relevant information, you increase the chances of saving your research and equipment in the event of an emergency. A secure, simple, and friendly web tool is available to consult your unit’s data sheets, or to prepare them if you are a COSEC.

The Door Safety Data Sheets and the register of dangers are closely linked: the information in the register is originally drawn from the information provided by a COSEC when data sheets is issued. It is then supplemented by workplace health and safety specialists, supporting the EPFL policy of preserving the health and safety of everyone on the campus.

An example of a data sheet for SB Faculty.

You can consult or create door safety data sheets on ISIDOR (EPFL limited access).

To print a door safety data sheet or for any modification request (list of hazard symbols), please contact the COSEC of your unit. In case you notice a technical issue of the page, in that case make sure that your navigator has the most recent version in order to create or edit door safety data sheets.

In order to manage the data sheets, you must have the COSEC credentials, or simply send us a request (your rights can be extended to additional units than the one(s) for which you have default credentials).

The plexi frames for door safety data sheets can be order on the online safety shop.

In case you have any question or encounter an issue, you can contact us directly.

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