Door safety data sheet

Door safety data sheet define the most critical hazards in each room, the corresponding instructions, as well as the emergency contacts. They are created, edited by the “correspondant de sécurité” (CoSEC).

These sheets are essential for intervention teams and are key information sources for any person who may access the rooms.

These sheets must be updated annually. By doing so, you increase the chance to save lives and/or spare your research works and scientific instruments when accidents occur.

Door safety data sheet creation/edition

The platform which allows door safety data sheet management is ISIDOR.

Help to fill the Door safety data sheet

Only the CoSEC is able to print or modify the door safety data sheet of his unit.

Door safety data sheet example

To be able to manage door safety data sheet, you must be accredited as a CoSEC. If it is not yet the case, you can simply make an accreditation request (you can also gain rights to edit door safety data sheet for other units than your default one).

Plastic frames to hold door safety dat sheet can be ordered on the catalog of safety products.

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