Health at work

Healthy staff and a safe work environment are essential to EPFL’s mission of excellence. The occupational health team specializes in the interactions between human beings and their professional environment. Its goal is to promote and protect the health and well-being of the entire EPFL community, whatever their activities or workspace (lab, workshop, desk or classroom). All aspects of occupational health are taken into account, particularly situations presenting chronic occupational exposure risks (such as pathogens or chemical substances). Occupational hygienists also check noisy environments and uncomfortable or stressful ergonomic situations. Our participatory approach is based on the respect, collaboration and trust of the whole EPFL community. An occupational health consultation is strictly confidential (medical secrecy) and takes place within the framework of the code of conduct of the FMH (Swiss Medical Association). During these consultations, individual issues may be addressed in order to receive advice, guidance and support for situations in which work affects health and well-being, and vice versa.

Our services:

For the following services, please contact our occupational hygienists:

Among the services offered by the occupational health team are:

For the following services, please contact occupational medicine:

  • Maternity protection (pregnancy and breastfeeding)
  • Workplace adaptations
  • Entrance and fitness examination (specific functions)
  • Medical monitoring program associated with certain professional risks (such as chemical agents, biological agents, noise, ionizing radiation or nanomaterials)
  • Medical monitoring for night workers
  • Return to work after an absence (illness or accident)
  • Investigations linked to occupational diseases

Consultations as well as all investigations or all paramedical examinations in direct relationship with work are borne by EPFL. In the majority of cases, a confidential medical questionnaire must be filled in beforehand.


Contact and office hours of occupational medicine:

8.30 am to 4 pm

[email protected]

Phone: 3 20 07

Contact of occupational hygienists:

[email protected]


Medical questionnaire and risks of occupational exposure

Maternity announcement form

Resting room

Radiation protection form

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