Safety training courses

These training courses are reserved to all EPFL staff and to people working in laboratories & other EPFL infrastructures (e.g. workshops, platforms).

FOBS are mandatory basic training (Formations Obligatoires de Base en Sécurité in French) for anyone who joins EPFL and who has to carry out activities with certain hazards.

To obtain the CAMIPRO card access for rooms with specific hazards (Biological, Radioactive, Nanomaterials, Lasers & Cryogenic stations) you have to follow a compulsory safety training.

Mandatory Basic Safety Training

FOBS 1 + 2

Mandatory basic safety training for ALL newly hired people at EPFL (FOBS 1) and people that will work in the laboratory (FOBS 2).


Mandatory safety training for specific hazards (Biological, Radioactive, Nanomaterials, Lasers, Cryogenic stations).

COSEC training

This mandatory training is aimed at future safety coordinators (CoSec) who will become the contact persons for occupational health and safety in their unit.

Requisite conditions for a waiver application for FOBS 1 or 2:

  • Appointment for a duration of less than two months for staff working occasionally or regularly in a laboratory
  • Appointment for a duration of less than six months for administrative staff
  • Appointment for a duration of less than one year for staff working less than half-time

If you meet one of these conditions, please fill in and sign the waiver application form and send it to the address mentioned.

Supplementary Safety Trainings

Complementary safety trainings

The complementary trainings are free and optional for the whole EPFL staff.

Specific trainings

The DSE offers several specific trainings in collaboration with external trainers. These courses are reserved for EPFL staff and their cost is borne by the employee’s department.