We live under the pressure of performance, competitivity and mental overload. Our attention is permanently hijacked by the digital world. The various crisis and the ecological challenges add anxiety and painful sensations of isolation.

EPFL provides to all of its community the opportunity to practice mindfulness with the purpose to strengthen their inner balance and well-being.


Stop- Feel Observe – Rest in the present moment

This mental health training produces a large variety of benefits

What do I need ?

Nothing, you have everything with you at all times. But practicing regularly is essential to reap the benefits of your practice.

Breath, bodily sensations, five senses

Theme of practice 2023/2024

  • For this new academic year, practices will be based on Prof. Richard Davidson’s model of mental health development. Each of the four pillars of mental health will be explored in turn:

    – Consciousness
    – Connection to yourself/ to your environment
    – Self-understanding
    – Meaning/values

  • No prerequisites and no need to change clothes.

Where and when ?

  • Free of charge: Tuesdays 12.15-12.45 a.m. and/or 12.45 a.m.-1.15 p.m.  in the framework of the Sport and Health Center SESSIONS . In hybrid on Lausanne campus and online via Zoom. Free access for the entire EPFL community.

    To register, please start by creating an account with your EPFL e-mail address and click on EPFL Sessions (green box) to register for the sessions of your choice.
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    For further info: [email protected]

  • On subscription: Wednesdays 17.30-18.30 Mindfulness Course  proposed by the UNIL/EPFL Sports Service (SUL). No previous mindfulness experience required. This class is included in the SUL yoga and slow-fit membership. However, it can be taken outside of these memberships and
    is suitable for relieving stress and mental overload.

What do I get from this mindfulness practice ?

Scientific References:


Alain Herzog 2022

Two specialists provide guidance on the path to mindfulness

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At EPFL, Monique Borcard-Sacco and Xavier Gravend-Tirole use different approaches to mindfulness but share the same goal: to improve people’s mental health and well-being.