Friday, November 25th

List of Stands: Addiction

  • La Corassp
  • Aba
  • La main tendue
  • Pro Juventute
  • PositiveMinders
  • Personne de confiance EPFL
  • Stressnetwork
  • Point Santé EPFL
  • Trust and support Network EPFL – TSN
  • CHUV
  • Consultation sociale EPFL & consultation psychothérapeutique du CHUV
  • Stop Suicide
  • Pôle prévention de l’association des étudiant·es de l’EPFL (Agepoly)

The act of creation can be a great way to let off steam, to let go or to put your deepest feelings on canvas. In collaboration with COLORE TA VIE, we invite you to take part in the creation of a participative fresco on the Esplanade from 21 to 25 November from 12 noon to 2pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to express yourself freely! 


In this lecture, Johannes Gräff will highlight what is currently known about how traumatic memories are stored and can be changed from a neuroscience perspective. This lecture will focus on molecular memory storage mechanisms, in particular epigenetic modifications, and on tools on how to visualize memory traces in the brain. Finally, this lecture will also give an outlook about the translational potential of these findings for clinical applications.

Johannes Gräff is an associate professor at the EPFL Brain Mind Institute of the School of Life Sciences. He heads the Laboratory of Neuroepigenetics, which studies the molecular and cellular underpinnings of memory formation, storage and change, with a particular emphasis on long-lasting traumatic memories. He obtained his PhD at ETH Zurich and conducted his postdoctoral studies at MIT. Since joining EPFL in 2013, he has received several grants and awards, including the EPFL Polysphère Award for Best Teaching in Life Sciences.

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Everyone has their own methods and strategies for taking care of their mental health, recovering from setbacks and restoring their inner balance. To bring Mental Health and Welbeing Week to a close, we’ll be hosting a Pecha Kucha presentation, a format that uses 20 images displayed for 20 seconds each. Participants from the worlds of art, science and journalism will each share their lived experiences in their own way, in a session that promises a heady mix of verbal jousting, emotion and entertainment – and no shortage of surprises.


  • Kathryn Hess: Full professor and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Outreach at EPFL
  • Emilie Gasc: Journalist, reporter for Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) and Couleur 3, and host of the “Les rencontres d’Emilie Gasc” podcast
  • Fabien Sevilla: Double bass player, composer and improviser
  • Jean-Marie Sengelen: Psychiatrist, accredited by the Swiss Medical Association (FMH)
  • Son Pham Ba : Holder of a PhD in mechanical engineering from EPFL, and virtuoso violinist

Moderated by Raphaël Noir : Teacher of French as a foreign language at the EPFL Language Center, artistic consultant focusing on contemporary music, and TV journalist and columnist.