Wednesday, November 23th

List of Stands: Work-life balance

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  • Stressnetwork
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  • Consultation sociale EPFL & consultation psychothérapeutique du CHUV
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  • Pôle prévention de l’association des étudiant·es de l’EPFL (Agepoly)

The act of creation can be a great way to let off steam, to let go or to put your deepest feelings on canvas. In collaboration with COLORE TA VIE, we invite you to take part in the creation of a participative fresco on the Esplanade from 21 to 25 November from 12 noon to 2pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to express yourself freely! 

The conference will propose concrete applications drawn from research on the neurobiology of anxiety and depression, which it will put into perspective with advice from the Essays of Montaigne. Indeed, both the philosopher and recent neurobiological data invite us to let go and be serene. We will see how to take advantage of the medical benefits on the body and mind of a great friendship like Montaigne’s with La Boétie, how to get as little anger as possible, how to distract oneself from one’s anxieties, how to get out of one’s toxic dependencies and how to understand how they take hold.

Michel Lejoyeux is a professor of psychiatry and addiction studies at Université Paris Cité. He heads the psychiatry and addiction departments at Bichat–Claude Bernard Hospital and Beaujon Hospital, as well as the local psychiatry department at GHU Paris Psychiatrie & Neurosciences. His research interests include the psychological and biological determinants of addiction, the characterization of psychiatric emergencies and treatment options, and the identification and treatment of psychiatric emergencies.

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In this session, Aurélie de Francesco will run a series of role-play exercises, giving us an opportunity to reflect on interpersonal conflict, harassment and burnout, to discuss what these concepts mean in practice and in Swiss law, and to explore what we can do when they happen to us.

About Aurélie de Francesco

Aurélie de Francesco is a business and compliance lawyer specializing in conflict prevention and management. An accredited mediator and member of the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching, she has served as EPFL’s Person of Trust since 2017. EPFL staff and students experiencing problems in their work or studies can seek confidential support from her. She works with various educational institutions in Switzerland and has a deep understanding of the world of academia and the associated issues and pressures.

Location of the workshop


When work commitment is high, it is essential to put measures in place to protect your health from the harmful effects of chronic stress. The following points will be discussed:

From stress to burn-out

  • How to identify one’s own favorable terrain and risk factors?
  • Which profile is affected, which warning signs?
  • survival kit in a demanding professional context: how to preserve yourself?
  • What precautions should be taken to preserve one’s health while teleworking?
  • What to do in case of imbalance due to chronic stress?
  • The 3 steps of the burn-out recovery process.

Psychologist and author Catherine Vasey has specialized in burnout for more than 20 years. She leads seminars and gives talks on preventing burnout in the workplace. She also supports people suffering from burnout and, for the past few years, has trained doctors and psychotherapists on treatment options.

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