Throughout the year, EPFL organizes various scientific events for schoolchildren, students and the general public. The Institute and Section of Mathematics prepare workshops, games or presentations for these events in order to promote mathematics and illustrate the different mathematical fields present at EPFL.

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An EPFL mathematician is awarded a Fields Medal

— Maryna Viazovska has received a Fields Medal, a prestigious honor often described as the Nobel Prize of Mathematics, for her work on the sphere-packing problem in 8 and 24 dimensions. Previously, the problem had been solved for only three dimensions or fewer. Another Fields Medal is awarded to University of Geneva mathematician Hugo Duminil-Copin.

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New podcast from EPFL's College of Humanities asks: are you sure?

— A newly launched podcast “Are You Sure?” features interviews, in English and in French, with EPFL researchers from different domains as they wrestle with the important question of what it means to be uncertain in science, as well as in their own lives and careers.

Donna Testerman has been teaching linear algebra at EPFL for 15 years. © Alain Herzog 2020 EPFL

"The real value of a course is the sharing of intuition"

— Donna Testerman, a professor at EPFL’s Institute of Mathematics, is this year’s recipient of the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching. Her achievements include a comprehensive MOOC in linear algebra that is open to all.

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Matheminecraft: when Mathematics merge with Minecraft

— Using the famous computer game Minecraft, Mathematicians at EPFL have developed a video game around Eulerian Cycles. It is now freely available online to everyone.

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Professor Adam Marcus joined the Institute of Mathematics

— Professor Adam Marcus was named as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Mathematics from the 1st of January 2020

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