Organizational Chart

MATH - Administration MATH-GE Panaretos Victor
Chair of Mathematical Analysis, Calculus of Variations and PDEs AMCV Colombo Maria
Numerical Algorithms and High-Performance Computing - CADMOS Chair ANCHP Kressner Daniel
Chair of Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis ANMC Abdulle Assyr
Chair of Algebraic Geometry CAG Patakfalvi Zsolt
Chair of Analysis and Applied Mathematics CAMA Nguyên Hoài-Minh
Chair of Statistical Field Theory CSFT Hongler Clément
Scientific Computing and Uncertainty Quantification - CADMOS Chair CSQI Nobile Fabio
Chair of Combinatorial Geometry DCG Hesthaven Jan S.
Chair of Discrete Optimization DISOPT Eisenbrand Friedrich
Chair of Ergodic and Geometric Group Theory EGG Monod Nicolas
Laboratory for Computation and Visualization in Mathematics and Mechanics LCVMM Maddocks John H.
Chair of Computational Mathematics and Simulation Science MCSS Hesthaven Jan S.
Chair of Mathematical Data Science (SB/IC) MDS1 Abbé Emmanuel
Chair of Numerical Modelling and Simulation MNS Buffa Annalisa
Chair of Partial Differential Equations PDE Krieger Joachim
Chair of Probabilities PROB Dalang Robert
Chair of Stochastic Processes PRST Mountford Thomas
Chair of Random Geometry RGM Aru Juhan
Chair of Statistical Data Science SDS Olhede Sofia Charlotta
Chair of Mathematical Statistics SMAT Panaretos Victor
Chair of Applied Statistics STAP Morgenthaler Stephan
Chair of Statistics STAT Davison Anthony C.
Chair of Analytic Number Theory TAN Michel Philippe
Chair of Number Theory TN Viazovska Maryna
Laboratory of Algorithmic Mathematics LMA Shokrollahi Amin
Chair of Arithmetic Geometry ARG Wyss Dimitri Stelio


Picasso Group GR-PI Picasso Marco
SCI-SB-JS Group SCI-SB-JS Stubbe Joachim
Testerman Group GR-TES Testerman Donna
Troyanov Group GR-TR Troyanov Marc