Ateliers jeune public

En collaboration avec le Service de promotion des sciences de l’EPFL nous proposons plusieurs activités mathématiques et participons à différentes manifestations scientifiques

Tout au long de l’année, l’EPFL et le Service de promotion des sciences (SPS)   organisent des manifestations scientifiques pour les jeunes de 7 ans à 16 ans, manifestations auxquelles participent l’Institut et la Section de Mathématiques. 

© National Academy of Sciences, 2021

Adam Marcus part of a team that won the Michael and Sheila Held Prize

— EPFL Professor Adam W. Marcus, head of the Chair of Combinatorial Analysis, and colleagues Professors Daniel A. Spielman (Yale University) and Nikhil Srivastava (University of California, Berkeley) won the 2021 Michael and Sheila Held Prize for their revolutionary work on the Kadison-Singer problem and Ramanujan graphs. The award is presented with a $100,000 prize.

Victor Panaretos © 2021 EPFL, Alain Herzog

Victor Panaretos announced President-Elect of the Bernoulli Society

— Professor Victor Panaretos who holds the chair of Mathematical Statistics at EPFL will become president of the Bernoulli society in August 2023, succeeding Adam Jakubowski.

© Hélène Ruffieux

Dr. Hélène Ruffieux wins the Lopez-Loreta Prize 2019/2020

— Hélène Ruffieux, who holds a PhD in mathematics, is the EPFL winner of the Lopez-Loreta Prize 2019/2020. She is awarded 1 million Euros to pursue her research project titled "An atlas of genetic hotspots to disentangle the molecular networks underlying complex diseases".

Juhan Aru, Mitali Banerjee, and Richard I. Anderson (credit: EPFL; Anderson photo: Mahdi Zamani, ESO)

Two Eccellenza Grants and a Professorial Fellowship to SB scientists

— The Swiss National Science Foundation has awarded Juhan Aru (Mathematics) and Mitali Banerjee (Physics) Eccellenza Grants, as well as a Professorial Fellowship to Richard I. Anderson (astrophysics) who will join in 2021.

Donna Testerman has been teaching linear algebra at EPFL for 15 years. © Alain Herzog 2020 EPFL

"The real value of a course is the sharing of intuition"

— Donna Testerman, a professor at EPFL’s Institute of Mathematics, is this year’s recipient of the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching. Her achievements include a comprehensive MOOC in linear algebra that is open to all.

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